Below are some of the great dogs that are available at Lu's Labs.

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Meet Amos and Mosley! Amos and Mosley are 4 yr old bonded brothers. Amos is a chocolate lab and Mosley is a black lab. Their daddy died last yr and their grandfather had been caring for them. He was overwhelmed and has given away the 3 females to a breeder and turned these 2 males into the shelter. They are scared of the shelter and not eating well. The chocolate one, Amos, wants to stay in the shelter managers lap and will only eat out of her hand. The black one, Mosley, wanted to stay in his kennel. 💔 We are breaking them out and getting them into a loving foster home. Welcome to Lu's Labs, boys!



Angelina is a beautiful female yellow lab lady. Angelia weighs in at 59 lbs and is approximately 18 months old. Angelina was brought in with her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, and a litter of three pups. Now that her man and her pups have moved on to forever homes, she feels it’s time for her to do the same. 
Angelina is a shy girl in new situations, and likes slow introductions to make her feel most comfortable. However, her southern foster has been working hard with her on socialization and she is already doing better. Initially, Angelina was overwhelmed with new noises and sounds and found it hard to relax with passing traffic and other loud noises. But she is now doing better with all of that – partly in thanks to the special bond she has formed with her foster fur-brother. Angelina follows his lead, and trusts him to show her how to be a proper family dog! Angelina’s forever home will include one with a doggie sibling who will not mind playing role of “big brother or sister” to Angelina. Also, she is a very playful girl with lots of energy when she is comfortable, and enjoys parallel play with her doggie pals.
Angelina is a loving soul and would do best in a quiet home with a family/ owner that doesn’t have too much hustle and bustle. Angelina loves toys and enjoys sitting with you and getting love. However, she isn’t a Velcro dog and is also content napping in her crate or on a dog bed. Angelina is also both house trained and crate trained. With slow introductions and a quiet home, this lab lady will truly shine and show her star worthy self. Could this sweet girl be the lady for you?
Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.


Meet Buddy! Buddy is a Lab golden mix. He is 18 months to 2 years old. He gets along great with all dogs male, female, big, or small! He loves cats and likes to engage in play with them and will even go on a walk with the cat on the leash. He is house trained and will go to the door when he needs to go out and knows a few basic commands. He does not care for a crate and will bark continuously if placed in one. He is a young male who enjoys finding things to chew if he does not have plenty of toys of his own. He is great with kids and allows his 11 year old foster human sister to walk him without pulling. Buddy enjoys actives like hiking and running although long walks are just as fun! He loves to snuggle on the couch or on the bed, but understands that a dog bed is his place sleep! 


Meet Carla! She is Mom to the Cheers Litter.  Carla is a 2-3 yr old yellow sweet female! She’s good with kitties and doggies!  Carla is a great girl. Housebroken, lets you know when she needs out and can be left out uncrated. She has no aggression or resource guarding issues, just perfect. She is very willing to please. Knows basic commands and a very loving girl. 
She has been a GREAT mom to her 5 puppies and is excited for them to find their homes so she can get her girlish figure back!  :)

FOSTER UPDATE 11.8.17:  Carla has been doing great since she has got over her anxiety of being separated from her babies. She is the calmest and warmest girl and she is wonderful in all situations. She has not had a accident at all since she has been here and crates easily. She loves walks and has a near perfect heel. She sits and lays down on command and learned that quickly. We are still working on recall... but getting better at that with a 40 foot leash. She loves hugs and always is looking for approval so she can get a gentle hug. Her best friend is Jethro and when they are together she will play like a puppy. I truly love this baby girl. She has been a exceptional mother and a very good friend to all humans, canines and felines.

Carla is on her way to the Vet so she never has to be a mommy again!


Meet Casper! Poor Casper was found by a Good Samaritan a couple of weeks ago and rushed to the vet. The vet says it looks like someone may have literally set him on fire or it could be some kind of chemical burn. 💔 But don’t fear, Casper has been receiving laser therapy and is doing great! We will post updated pics soon so you can see for yourself. This boy is truly amazing ... even though he has gone through a horrific experience, he is loving, goofy, and good with all people! Casper is also great with other pups. Casper knows the meaning of making lemonade with lemons! Sweet Casper is about 2 yrs old and 41 pounds (he needs to gain weight and should be about 50 pounds).

FOSTER UPDATE:  "This dog is UHHH-MAZING. He has his quirks: he looooves food—therefore, he looooves to counter-surf! I’m in the process of breaking him if that right now! He also likes to pick up just RANDOM stuff. Anything! But if he is simply corrected, told no, and is given something he CAN play with/chew on/carry around, he is completely content with that too! 

He’s actually great in the car! He jumps right in, and immediately lays down in either the front OR backseat! I currently have MY dog’s dog bed in my back seat (I keep it with me to give to her at work!) and he discovered it yesterday. This is now his spot in my car! 

He does great with or without a dog; however, his true puppy comes out when he has another dog to play with! He’s so awesome with my boxer. She’s still a puppy, yet she’s big now, and many dogs are put off by her e energy. But not Casper! He utilizes her energy—gets her to chase him. They play tag ALL THE TIME! He doesn’t get angry/annoyed/upset. Just very content! 

He’s been sleeping in a kennel at night (although he would very much LOVE to sleep in the bed!) He is 100% housebroken as well. I’ve been trying to work with him about the furniture. Here’s the deal: my dogs are allowed on all the furniture and he sees this! So I can’t NOT let him on the furniture; HOWEVER, I do not let him get on any furniture without first getting permission! I’m trying to teach him like this JUST in case he ends up in a home that doesn’t want him all over their furniture! If he ends up somewhere where they don’t care, well, then they’ll have a very polite dog, and who can’t appreciate THAT?! 

Also, he IS very independent when I need him to be but is otherwise a SNUGGLE BUG when I love on him! I have a habit of playing with dog ears (I love rolling my dog’s ears through my fingers because her ears are so soft) but when I started doin it to him one day out of habit, he cried out a big scream. His ears are clean and unharmed, so out of pure speculation, something tells me he’s had a bad experience with someone messing with his ears, whether it be the last name owners punished him this way, or someone has pulled on them to the point of pain, SOMETHING! So I’ve been constantly toying with his ears—it’s definitely a work in progress, but at least I can RUB them now without him crying and/or cowering. 

So all-in-all, he’s been a dream to foster!! I’ve hardly had any issues AT ALL. He definitely wanted and NEEDED this kind of attention. Whoever ends up with this one is truly lucky."

He likes to take a snooze during his laser therapy as evidenced in the pictures below :)


The cone doesn't slow this boy down!


Meet Chloe! Chloe is a sweet 9 yr old yellow female. Her family had to move and she has been staying with her grandfather, however he is no longer able to care for her.  Chloe has been living with 2 other dogs and gets along with both of them.  

Chloe is brand new to Lu's Labs so check back soon for updates!


Meet Coltrane! Coltrane's family didn't have time for him any longer so they dropped him at the shelter with his bed and shot records. Not to worry though, he's a Lu's Labs boy now! Coltrane is 6 years old, good with other dogs and kids and is house broken.


Meet Gus! Gus found himself in need of help due to all the rain and flooding in Louisiana. Of course, we stepped up! Gus is a gorgeous 2-3 yr old boy who is in search of his forever home. More to come on Gus as we get to know him.


Lu’s Labs is pleased to introduce Jolly and Onyx. These lovely, black ladies are approximately 5-6 years old. They are medium to low energy, and they like to keep each other company inside and out. It is very convenient to always have your playmate with you at all times. Adopting two as opposed to just one can certainly provide lots of opportunities for playing in one’s own backyard. Jolly and Onyx have curvy figures: Jolly weighing in at 99 pounds and Onyx, slightly less, at 89 pounds. Their sizes are misleading, however, as they are both very fast! Jolly and Onyx have a strong prey drive that includes (at least outdoor) cats, so it is in everyone’s best interest that they go to a cat-free home. They may not do well with other small animals either. Their prey drive is also a quality to be noted while walking the dark beauties. However, using an easy walker harness, both girls settle down nicely. They seem leash trained with the harness and know what behavior is expected of them. They know the command “sit”; obviously, they have spent time with a family before coming to Lu’s Labs. A further clue to their familiarity with home life is that they are completely house trained. They sleep in crates at night, but have not been seen chewing things that are off limits. Jolly and Onyx also are very fond of the kitchen! They are very eager to accompany their foster mom into that revered area of the home: where the treats live!!! These girls are very treat driven, and that translates to easy training! Jolly and Onyx are great with other dogs. Their foster family has two labs and everyone gets along just fine. These girls are a couple of lovey, cuddlers looking for a family to join. They are couch potatoes, requesting to have snuggles and belly rubs as soon as foster mom sits down. Their kisses are offered frequently and without reserve. They love all the adults with whom they have come into contact. It would be wonderful if these two girls were adopted into a family with no other dogs. Jolly and Onyx are two divas who deserve the limelight all their own! Please be aware that these are recently rescued dogs who are still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dogs start to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dogs will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of these dogs' evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

Some Girl Talk from Jolly and Onyx...
Me: If you had just one wish, what is the one thing you want most in your forever home?
Jolly: I just want a sunny backyard where I can watch (and sometimes chase) the squirrels & chipmunks 24/7 (and my sister).
Onyx: I just want a nice comfy sofa and a human to cuddle with (and my sister).

Leash Walking Progress Report...
• Jolly continues to refine her skills; paid less attention to the squirrels today
• Onyx is making tremendous strides; the zigs and zags now appear to be under control

Today's Grade = A

FOSTER UPDATE:  All I can say is WOW. I cannot for the life of me imagine how anyone could have given up this pair of 99% PERFECT labs! These sweet, fun, affectionate girls wasted no time in capturing our hearts. They are perfect angels in the house. No accidents, don’t beg for food from the dinner table, happily play with toys and chew on their antlers. They sit nicely for treats, which they take gently, and Onyx loves to show off her handshake skills with either paw! They eat their meals promptly, but don’t gulp their food, so a slow feeder is not needed. Jolly in particular is on a diet, although Onyx could also stand to lose a pound or two, but neither of them has complained about the smaller portions and green beans! 

Jolly is a champion snuggler who quickly staked out her claim to my lap on the couch, though I believe, given the chance, Onyx would be just as comfortable in the same spot. Time will tell whether Onyx will accept the slightly tighter spot she was offered to snuggle with Foster Dad, but for now, she’s content to flop on the other end of the couch. They crate without much effort, and sleep quietly through the night.

Outdoors, they love exploring the yard and playing together, and enjoy barking greetings to the neighbor GSD through the fence. They even come running when called if they wander out of sight. (Around the still fenced corner of the house) Their idea of the perfect outdoor nap is to find a spot on the deck and bask in the warm sunshine. 

Their prey drive does kick in at times! When a neighborhood cat took a shortcut home along the top of the fence, both girls were there in an instant! Cat will likely take the long way home from now on! Lol! 

Both girls love walks, and wag and wiggle happily while getting harnessed and leashed. Jolly is an ideal walking companion. She stays beside you and keeps your pace. Onyx is a bit more curious, and loves to sniff and examine her surroundings, but is not a big puller. Just needs a little practice! 

Jolly and Onyx join the ranks of the fosters we’ve had that refuse to take a flight of stairs indoors. (This is the 1% imperfection...for us personally. May be a non-issue for other homes) They are each fully capable, as they will navigate the few outdoor stairs in the front and back of the house with ease. We are working with them, and I’m confident that they will overcome their hesitation in due time, as it’s only been 2 days so far. 

Onyx does jump a bit when she’s excited, as in greeting people, but again, shouldn’t be difficult to correct. Jolly likes a good roughhousing session now and then, with either people or Onyx, but due to her size, can sometimes get a little too exuberant. She is excellent at understanding when she’s told to bring it down a notch.

They will be evaluated together and separately with other dogs to determine their social skills level, and also going to try to find some kiddos to meet and see how they do with little ones. I don’t see this being any challenge at all, but will update as the data rolls in!

Overall, this stunningly beautiful pair is as close to ideal as they come.

Jolly and Onyx love being outside!
Left to right, Jolly, Rex (foster brother), Onyx, Annabelle (foster sister)
The girls are GREAT walkers!


Meet Lilly and Lady! Lilly (looks like she has flour splattered on her face 😍) and Lady (black female) are 8 yr old bonded sisters. Their family had to move and they have been staying with their grandfather, however he is no longer able to care for them.

The yellow lab you see is their mother, Chloe. She is 9 yrs old and is also looking for her forever home. She has her own album.

Here’s the scoop on Lilly's speckled face:

Vitiligo is a pigmentation abnormality. Although scientists aren’t sure what exactly causes vitiligo, they believe it may be hereditary.

Vitiligo occurs when something in the dog’s system impacts melanin-producing cells. Most organisms (including humans) have melanin; it’s the pigment that gives skin, fur, eyes, and other body parts their color. When melanin-producing cells are attacked, the pigment color goes away, hence the white patches on dogs with vitiligo.

Vitiligo usually shows up in young adulthood, and almost always starts on the dog’s face. During the first three to six months of its appearance, pigment loss may spread to other parts of the body. But if it doesn’t spread during those first few months, the symptoms of vitiligo will probably stay confined to the face (source).

In some cases, vitiligo causes skin lesions and an increased amount of dandruff. All of these symptom are strictly cosmetic; although it has a striking visual impact, vitiligo is completely painless.


Meet Linus! Linus is a 2 yr old, yellow male. His daddy passed away and the neighbors found Linus wandering around the neighborhood. This poor boy has had his life turned upside down. But we will find him a happy home again! Please welcome Linus!


Meet Logan! Logan is a sweet and handsome 65 pound, 4 yr old black male love! Sweet Logan is good with dogs and people and just wants to be loved. We think he’shad someone treat him unkindly because if you move to fast he flinches and starts to lay down. 😔 But Logan doesn’t have to worry now because he’s a Lu’s Labs boy and we promise to find him a home that will treat him with kindness and love and cherish him forever!

FOSTER UPDATE:  Logan's personality keeps on getting bigger!! Last night while I was doing my makeup he crawled over to hangout and give me lots of kisses.  He slept through the night great and got up around 8:30 this morning to eat and go out. No accidents so far! He's starting to play and his sass is coming out a bit! Still trying to figure out how to get onto my bed though! LOL

FOSTER UPDATE 11.14.17:  Logan is just a ray of sunshine this morning! This morning he ran laps with his pal Oliver and burned off some energy. Now that he's super comfortable here he's definitely a dog with a good amount of energy but still loves to cuddle ❤

Logan leaving the shelter!
Logan has done well with everyone he has met so far!
Logan making dog friends!


Meet Lucy Lou! Lucy Lou is a 1-2 yr old, 46 pound petite beauty! She is a sweet and friendly girl that gets along well with others!  More info to come!


Meet Louie! Louie is 11 months old... Will be 1 on Dec 1st. He is an active boy that is good with others and loves people. Louie’s owners didn’t have time for him anymore but wanted to make sure he landed in a good home.

Louie is brand new to Lu's Labs so check back soon for updates!


Meet Luna! Luna is about 10 months old, 40 lbs. and sweet as can be! Luna loves other pups and is great with every person she meets.

Luna is brand new to Lu's Labs so check back soon for updates.


Meet Rufus! Rufus is a 2 yr old, 45 pound yellow male. Rufus was adopted a year ago but his elderly owner is unable to continue caring for him and he was returned to the shelter. Rufus is great with other dogs, cats and loves people!  

UPDATE FROM RUFUS HIMSELF 11.14.17:  I know its been a while. I was not feeling too good - had a nasty cough. So foster Mom had me on medication and I slept a lot as I could not be around other dogs. I wuvs the comforter in my crate, so I choose to sleep there with all my toys and door open. Foster Mom says I am the quietest most behaved dog she has ever had. Well, short of house training - but we are on day five of a perfect track record. I really am a good dog - foster Mom says probably the old man that had me was just not well enough to get me outside when I needed it. So we are just unlearning some bad habits. But we are so good now.....foster Mom is so proud of me. I dont bark, ignore the cats, ignore the bird, I don't beg, I dont get on furniture, leash trained, know other simple commands, dont chew up my toys or anything else, and I prefer to be inside with foster Mom. I just quietly sleep there as she paints. All round - the turn key perfect companion dog. I do love to chase a ball - but we have been on quiet rest and so it was just short stints. But I have it in my crate and we get it out every day and play. Yup, I am ready for Lu's Labs to find me that perfect family.
P.Ss I melts when it sprinkles. Yup, not a fan of rain at all.

Tail wags

UPDATE FROM RUFUS HIMSELF 11.17.17:  "WooHoo some one loves me in Virginia - Yup. Yup. They already have an application for me from someone who fell in love with my biography and bio pic . They still have to check out the application. But, WooHoo someone wants me! Yup - foster Mom is all "tears" as usual. What a Christmas this is going to be.

And, I am on day 7 of no accidents in house training. I am such a good good boy. And better yet - I only go in one place in the yard. Unless its raining of course - I melts in the rain. But foster Mom has up a canopy and I go under the camopy. Foster Mom says I am such a baby. She says that the new owners gonna need a big canopy type tree - and then she laughs. Not so funny to me - I melts when it sprinkles. Gotta get a better Union Steward.

Yesterday I came out of the crate. Gently put one paw on foster Moms lap, then a second paw...very gently. Then I lifted my back leg and foster Mom asked if I wanted on her lap. Well, of course, the cats sleep there all the time! So, with the invite - I crawled up on her lap and I laid there watching TV. Foster Mom says I am an absolute sweetheart.

So, here I sits today waiting on my treat and counting the days till December 3rd - transport day to Lus Labs. Someone in Virginia wants me....uh huh. I am special......"

Yup, this is the life.

Tail wags

Rufus is good with cats!


Meet Shadow! Shadow is about 4-5 yrs old and around 50 lbs- he came from a hoarding situation so he needs to gain some weight. He's kid and dog friendly, laid back, but still playful!


Meet Sierra! Sierra is a 2 yr old, sweet as pie black female. She is great with other dogs!

Sierra is brand new to Lu's Labs so check back soon for updates!


Meet Walter! Walter is approximately 3 yrs old and weighs around 55 pounds. He’s a Texan love bug and is good with other pups.  More info to come!

FOSTER UPDATE:  Walter is doing well this morning.  He ate a good dinner last night after getting home from the Vet where he had his "procedure".  He is a very sweet boy!  He likes to sit close and lean in for rubs.  He yields his food and water bowls to me and the other dogs. Not a mean bone in this guy! He walks next to my Lab like they have been friends forever!  He casually sniffed the cats and backed away from my very assertive Maine Coon so a home with cats won't be a problem for Walter.  The Vet staff said he wouldn't walk on a leash but he's been OK here on leash and doesn't pull much.  He went into his crate with a gentle nudge and point and was quiet all night.  He's 55 pounds but needs to gain 5 to 10.  His appetite is good so that won't be an issue.  His coat is shiny and his teeth look good.  Overall he's in good shape.  I gave him some toys but he hasn't touched them yet.  We will see if that changes as he settles in.  I'm still getting to know him but he is for sure a good one!!!

FOSTER UPDATE 11.13.17: I took Walter and my other 2 dogs (a GSD and a chocolate Lab for their walk this morning and this time let them all off leash in the pasture to play for a bit.  They had a good run and all got along really well.  Walter even took a plunge in the pond!  I think he was just following my GSD and didn't intend to get wet but he didn't seem to mind when he did.  He jumped and played like a regular dog.  It's so nice to see him forgetting the shelter and turning into a regular pup!  When I called him he came right to me and sat.  He is very good about sitting to be leashed or handled.  I think Walter would be ok with or without another dog in the home but might enjoy having dog friends in the neighborhood if he's only dog.


Meet Watson! Watson is a 7 yr old yellow LOVE! He’s good with all dogs and adores people! Watson is housebroken and good in the crate. Watson is going to make some lucky family very happy!