Below are some of the great dogs that are available at Lu's Labs.

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Meet Abby! Abby is a gorgeous girl who is approximately 1-2 yrs old. Abby is beyond a doll - zero problems. Quiet, calm, does not jump, totally house trained, tells you when she wants out and in, zero dog aggression, and is a cuddler! She hasn’t met the resident cat yet in her foster home but she will soon!

Abby just had a litter of 5 pups which we will introduce soon (3 are Merle looking and 2 are black with brown markings). They are only 3 days old!


Meet Baylor! Many people go to the nationally ranked Baylor University for an education. Well, Lu’s Labs is bringing Baylor to you for an education in cuddles, hugs, and love. That is exactly what you will get when you meet him. Baylor is a black, debonair 50 pound well-mannered 5-7-year-old who, like his namesake, hails from Texas. The soulful salt and pepper expression around his eyes will warm your heart instantly. At Baylor University, a student may learn about triangles and tripods in their classes. At Lu’s Labs, we want to teach you about tripods too. Our tripod Baylor, gives the greatest hugs. He is so euphoric when he cuddles that it almost sounds like he’s purring!! He does not let the fact that he has 3 legs affect him. He’s not jumping, but he stands up and seems to fall into you to and waits to be hugged and petted. Baylor is learning that not everyone likes to be greeted this way, and will respond to “off” when he does stand and lean in for hugs. He learns very quickly and seems motivated most by his desire to please. 
Baylor loves people. His foster reports that he has not been around children, but they have no reason to believe he’d be anything but great with them. He gets along well with dogs of all ages. He has great doggie social skills. Ssshhhh…don’t tell Baylor, we think he doesn’t even know that he has 3 legs and not 4. He walks great on a leash, and he’s kind of a couch potato. Walks or some play time in the backyard are enough for this guy. He’s happy to chew on his Kong too. He thoroughly enjoys a good car excursion. He is very curious about cats, and he would do best in a home without cats. Baylor is fully housebroken and goes into his crate with coaxing. 
Baylor knows some basic commands, but like most rescue dogs he will benefit from additional training to refine those skills. This boy lives to love. Aren’t you ready to welcome him into your family and give him the perfect fur-ever home he’s waiting for?

Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Meet Blu! Blu is 2 yrs, 63 lbs. and good with dogs, cats, kids ... EVERYONE! Blu has a calm temperament and is a sweetheart! He has some hair loss around mouth and eyes which vet said is probably food allergies. We are working on that!


Meet Boomer; a 2 year-old, handsome, black boy that weighs in at 60 lbs.! Boomer is an amazing, medium energy pup! He is good with all people (even strangers), dogs, and cats. He willingly goes into his crate and is housebroken. He is a bit cheeky though and will move mountains to steal the cat’s food. And, uhhh, don’t leave any of your food laying around either. Just don’t. Trust us. This boy is stealthy and extremely smart. By that we mean, consider investing in toddler cabinet locks!

He enjoys activities like swimming, jogging, fetch, play dates, and of course walks. His preferred toys include; tennis balls, interactive toys, plush toys, Kongs, and bones, but he’s not picky. Any and all toys are worthy of hoarding in Boomer’s world. While he does a great job of destroying balls and plush toys, he never chews on anything in the house that is not his. His manners are impeccable on leashed walks and he is a quick study when it comes to commands. He knows: Sit, Leave It, Drop It, Come, and Heel, and will benefit from continued training on basic commands, jumping and counter surfing. It shouldn’t be long before he masters them because Boomer knows the rules. He just likes to see where, exactly, the firm boundaries are, as compared to the boundaries he can push :). Rascal! He is currently working on his anxiety when he is not in or near his house. He gets anxious when in a car or away from familiar places, so he is working on that.

His foster Mom says, “Boomer is one of the smartest dogs I have handled. So creative and intuitive. Brilliant puzzle solver. He just needs a loving safe patient home.” Hurry and scoop this ball of love up before someone else does!


Boone is an 82 pound, 1.5 yr old LOVE! OMG... THOSE EARS!!! Love, love, love! More info to come on Boone as we get to know him!

3.3.2018 UPDATE:  Boone is such a sweet boy and so happy to get attention from people. He's a big boy with a big deep bark so is good at making his presence known but is just that, all bark! He willingly goes into his crate and is perfect in it. He does well with other dogs but is way too interested in the cats he sees on the other side of the fence so a cat free home is going to be best for him. Otherwise he is a love!


Hello, my name is Browning, and like the name, I am a chocolate boy looking for the right home. Lu’s Labs has said they can help in that department. In fact, they have already helped in a great many departments: finding a foster mom to love me, some foster siblings to play with, and a nice yard to play my favorite game of fetch. So, I am convinced this is the path to a loving, forever home! I am about 6 years old. I weigh, at present, 56 pounds. I hope to put some more weight on very soon. I am working on finishing all my meals. And, I do like the occasional treat as well! Living with this family requires manners that I am working on. I can sit on command, and I can drop it on command. The second command does come in handy, as figuring out what to chew on and what not to chew on is gosh darn hard, sometimes! Sometimes, I make a mistake. I am always real sorry; but crating me when you can’t keep an eye on me is a good idea, initially. I really, really want to start out on the right paw with my new family! I may protest a bit when put in the crate. But, it is for the best while we get to know one another. Did I mention that my cheeks are very soft? They need lots of attention. So, if you require extra rubbing experience, I am the chocolate love pup for you! I can offer lots and lots of opportunities to rub my cheeks, my ears, anywhere you like, to be truthful! It is a good way for us to become real, lifelong friends! I like walks around the neighborhood. It is a wonderful way to show off how handsome I am. I will pull a bit. But, please, gently teach me that it is not a good habit, and I will do my very best to not pull. I am pretty much housebroken. But, if in the crate longer than 8 hours, I may have an accident. That is a long time to wait to go outside. So, maybe it is a little understandable. I also sometimes mark my territory. You know, for a guy who is a little unsure of what his territory is, it is not an unusual trait. I hope my forever home has a nice yard, so I can mark that area and feel secure. Marking is a way of announcing myself to the neighborhood. It also reinforces to me where I feel safe. I do like to feel safe. And speaking of safe; what is it with that thing called “thunder”! Lordy! It happens with no warning, no time for preparation, and it is loud! I do not like thunder. I guess you can also say that I do not like loud noises in general. It makes me anxious not to know what to expect next. Other than that, I am not a particularly anxious type. You know, a guy just wants to know where he belongs; where he is cherished and loved. That is why I hooked up with this Lu’s Labs group. They understand that security and safety is important. They take such good care of so many lab guys and gals. I know they will shop around to find the best home for me, too! Well, here I am. Browning. I have lots of love to give! Might I be the chocolate kiss you need in your life?


Meet Cami! Cami is a bubbly and beautiful 8 month old yellow girl. Her coat is a striking light blonde and she currently weights about 42 pounds. Cami LOVES all people, young or old, male or female and greets strangers warmly and enthusiastically. This energetic gal is a pal to all dogs, too. She enjoys chasing and wrestling with her doggie buddies, but she also shares her toys and respects their boundaries when they correct her. She has not been introduced to cats.
Cami is ready for puppy pre-school! She has already mastered several essential skills including looking adorable, being charming around humans, and playing fetch with enthusiasm. She is also progressing nicely with her crate training! She goes in with a bit of coaxing and is whining and barking less each day. Since she’s still a pup, the crate is the best place for Cami at night and while her people are out. 
Cami is eager to learn the rest of the puppy pre-school basics like consistent potty-training, pulling less on leashed walks, keeping four paws on the floor during greetings, and not vocally objecting to her furry siblings when they check out her food bowl. Like many youngsters, she is learning which items are okay to chew and she is sometimes mouthy when she plays with humans. 
Cami is a typical young lab in that she is in love with the world and has joy and curiosity bubbling out of her! With time and training, this super sweet pup will quickly become a unique treasure to a loving family.


Meet Daisy! Daisy is a sweet and beautiful 4 yr old black female lab. Daisy was rescued from being a breeder dog by a rescue angel and as much as she loves Daisy she realized Daisy had medical needs that she could not financially provide (Daisy is heartworm positive and has a cracked tooth) and wanted to make sure she landed with a rescue. Daisy is great with kids, dogs and cats! She is very loving, medium energy and well mannered! It’s obvious Daisy has had many many litters but no more babies for this sweet girl!


Meet Dorrie and Darla! They are two black females rescued off the side of the road in AL. Both girls are 5-6 weeks old and 10 pounds. Once they get some TLC, their fur will clear up and they are going to be beautiful!


Meet Ebony and Ivory, a beautiful brother and sister pair from Texas who each weigh about 55 pounds and are about 8 months old. They are both huge sweethearts who love to play, to snuggle, and to love each other. As much as this sibling duo love each other they still have love in the hearts for their others.
Ebony and Ivory have not been seen around cats yet, but they are friendly and sweet to all the humans and dogs they meet. 
They enjoy playing with all dogs, and all manner of play. They also enjoy walks and need a little more practice with leash walking. It’s hard not to pull forward when you are young, and smell lots of exciting scent trails leading you forward. 
Ebony and Ivory are enjoying the comforts of a loving foster home and have found a lot of joy in snuggling with foster mom on the couch. Ivory will hug you if you invite her to. Ebony will lay as calm as a cucumber soaking in all of your pats for as long as you want to keep it up. While they both enjoy hanging out and lounging around, Ivory is the more playful of the two and would love to play and play all day. She responds nicely though, when told to lay down for chill out time. They are both medium energy pups.
Ebony and Ivory both go into their crates with coaxing, and are good in the crate. Crating them will be important since they are still young pups and will find inappropriate items to chew about the house if unsupervised. They are both housebroken.
For as good as these two get along you might be surprised to hear that they prefer to be fed separately from each other. Although, we suspect anyone with a sibling who has ever raided their Halloween candy or took the last piece of pizza, will understand!

Ebony and Ivory, go together in perfect harmony, sided by side on the so-fa cu-shions, ohoh, why don’t you… (adopt them)?

Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Evan is a gorgeous lab mix with a super lovable personality. He was raised with 3 other dogs, 2 of which were rescues themselves. Evan was raised in a family with a 3 year old. He is very gentle with small children. Evan enjoys playing chase with his other 2 siblings and laying out sunning. He plays fetch and tug of war. He is always so excited to see us and ready to give kisses. He will be a great family pet to a home that will take Evan on daily walks and adventures. He will require basic obedience, crate and leash training. He is estimated to have been born around September 2017. Evan cannot wait to meet his new family to begin a happy new life!


In the move Shrek 2, Princess Fiona said, “I want what any princess wants, to live happily ever after…” and that’s how her story begins. Fiona was rescued and she is now a Lu’s Lab ready to live happily ever after with her forever family. Fiona is a 1 ½ year old beautiful yellow Southern princess. Fiona is a medium sized girl, and weighs about 45 pounds. 
She was found as a stray, and is clearly a smart girl. When she was first found, Fiona had no manners. She is learning quickly how nice it is being a member of a family and living an indoor life. She is mostly housebroken, yet with any young dog she may have an accident from time to time if her humans are not attending to her cues. Although Fiona just wants to be with her humans at all times, she will go into her crate with coaxing. She has a lot of puppy in her so interactive toys, chew toys and bones help to keep her occupied. Fiona gets along with everyone, but because of her high energy and her habit of jumping, it is suggested that families with younger children but be dog-experienced and willing to work on training with Fiona and all members of the family. Fiona was very mouthy and jumpy when she was found. Her Southern foster has been working with her and she is seeing a noticeable improvement in Fiona. She is much less mouthy and jumpy, however additional training will be needed to help Fiona work on curtailing these unwanted behaviors. 
Fiona is a master at fetch. She loves that and any other type of outdoor playtime. Fiona LOVES the water! It is suspected that she may have had some training as a hunting dog. Fiona gets along well with other dogs and loves to go for walks. She walks well on the leash using just a collar, but again she will benefit from additional training to make her even better when walking. Fiona has been exposed to cats and appeared interested, but didn’t attempt to chase or harm them. 
You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it. We think Princess Fiona is going to make a perfect pet for you.

Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Meet Gage! Gage is approximately 23 pounds, was born on October 11th, 2017 and was approximately 14 weeks old as of January 18, 2018. He is a precious Lab mix who is primarily black with white on his chest. He is a very calm, sweet, snuggly loving little boy. He will require basic obedience, crate, leash and house training. What a precious puppy! He will make a great pet for a loving home!


Meet George! George is a big, black, friendly, happy goofy 1-2 yr old boy! More info to come on George soon!


Meet Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is approximately 1-2 yrs old and is a sweetie! She was found with two puppies who found homes and we were asked to take Kaitlyn. And of course we said yes! More info to come as we get to know this doll!


Meet Leon! Leon is a 2 year old, 55 pound, very sweet and friendly boy! He is good with other dogs and loves kids. Leon is a playful and happy boy!


Hi, I am Luke. And, I am Laura. We are 7.5 months old siblings that have tons of love to give! We need to find a family to share all our love with. Luke, here. I am 40 pounds, and my dear sister is a petite 32 pounds. Foster mom is helping to plump us up and we are both eating better and better. We are finishing our morning and evening meals with the help of some very tasty chicken broth! We hope our new family has lots and lots of chicken broth! Laura and I love all people. We love all dogs. We have not met any cats, so I cannot really address them. We are a medium energy pair; walks and some play time are enough for us. We keep each other company well. If you have a tennis ball or two, we do like to play fetch. Chewing on plush toys is such a stress reliever! And, of course, bones! Yummy bones! You know, we were a little skittish at first when we came to foster mom. It is really understandable, as not feeling like we were safe or taken care of. But, foster mom has taken it very slow with both Luke and I, and it is working! We continue to come out of shells, we wag more, we are eager for treats more, we play more, and we are eating more. Laura, here. I have to tell you modestly that Luke and I are quite the lookers. I’m sure it’s the genes but there is not another pair of puppies in the whole world who have the gorgeous coloring that we do. Mostly, we are black, but we have chocolate lowlights that sparkle in the sunshine. And, behind our ears, there is a hint of yellow. From our bellies down our legs, the fur ombres to a yummy chocolatey brown. And, I, have dainty white highlights on my feet and my hiney. No, we do not use a hairdresser. We were born this way. Luke: Okay, so here is the low-down. Neither of us is perfect. But, we are working on it. For example, I can get a little jumpy and nibbly when I am in play mode, but in general I am super gentle. We are experts at "drop it", “sit” and “come” and I walk nicely on a leash. I feel like we are an easily trainable bonded pair. We really want you to be happy with our behavior. We will try very hard to do our best. If you have a treat or two to share, that would be awesome! Laura: It’s true, we aren’t perfect…yet. We will go in to our crates, with treats. And, crates are a good idea, as we learn what our toys are and are not. Luke is a bit of an escape artist, so, double check that crate latch after he’s in! (Insert eye-roll emoticon. Boys!) Also, would it be possible to have our crates next to each other? Luke is my bbf (best brother forever!) and I like to know where he is at all times! We almost have the hang of potty training. Luke: If you are in the mood for some puppy play – I am your guy! I do not mind a little mud on rainy days, nor would miss an opportunity to jump into some water. I do not even mind if there were a tasty errrr…. I mean… friendly duck or two in the water with me, (however the duck may mind)! As a refined lady, I, Laura, would much prefer to be loved on, pampered snuggled and cuddled at all times. I guess Luke might be right about my being a princess, just a little. If I notice that Luke is in the middle of a cuddle party, well, I just have to get in there too! My paws do not necessarily like mud puddles, and the couch is so warm, especially at 3:00 when my soap is on. (wink wink). Luke and Laura, both here: we are a lovey duo who want nothing more to add love and happiness to a family. Having two dogs can be a joy to the right family. Yea, we are bonded to each other, but with all the love we have to share, we have enough room in our hearts for a new family. Is it you?


Meet Luna! A lovely 2 year old mama (to the Wizards litter) who weighs approximately 40 – 45 pounds, but this is variable because of her pregnancy and nursing. This sweet, very dark chocolate girl loves attention from her humans and pretty much responds to everything with a roll-over for belly rubs!
Luna is a sweet and friendly girl with people, although she is shy initially when meeting new people. New people and new environments require “settle in” time for Luna. Once she feels you out and understands that you are kind, she loves to be near you at all times. 
Luna has been spending her time at Lu’s Labs taking excellent care of her puppies and getting adjusted to being an indoor family dog. She’s been using her time wisely and is getting very near to being housebroken. She does great when she is kept on a schedule but has not quite decided on a signal to let her family know when she is requesting to go outside. Remember that her attention and focus is very divided between adapting herself to her new (foster)home, and her adorable yet needy puppies! Luna is crate trained! 
Luna has gotten comfortable in her foster home one step at a time. She finally has started to chew antlers, bark (more like sing in Luna’s case), and play with her doggie pals. She has found that she LOVES playing with other dogs, although her play style is a bit clumsy. It is actually goofy and adorable to watch her race around and almost collide with the other pups before making an abrupt about-face – she’s still figuring out how to maneuver her body for roughhousing and dog play! While she loves playing with playful dogs, she may not have gotten the memo that older dogs sometimes don’t want to play as much. She will keep on trying to play, however, she understands and is respectful of dogs who tell her, “no thank you”. Luna lives with cats and is good with them. If they over step their bounds, Luna will let them know vocally. Luna does prefer to eat away from the other pets in the home so that she doesn’t have the extra worry of someone trying to share her meal.
Luna is looking for a loving home with a 6 foot or higher fence that is made from material that can not be climbed. She’s a climber! She also has a unique way of saying she loves you: by climbing up on you. It is meant with the best of intentions – to get close and show her affection for you – but she doesn’t know that it might bewilder younger kids. So dog-savvy kids who are 10 and up, who would understand how to handle this, are the best fit for Luna. 
Sweet Luna was Lu’s Labs’ very first dog rescued in 2018! She’s been patiently waiting for the time when she can send her pups securely off into the world, and lay back and enjoy being the one who is adored and cared for. She is a lovely girl who has lots of fun and affection to share with her forever family.


Meet Nova! Nova is a 52 pound (needs to gain weight), 2ish yr old black female! Nova is a super sweet, quiet girl... very mellow for her age. She gets along with dogs and cats and is just a doll. Nova had double entropian eye surgery (a medical condition in which the eyelid, usually the lower lid, folds inward. It is very uncomfortable, as the eyelashes continuously rub against the cornea causing irritation) but is healing and doing great! Once her eyes heal she will be good as new! The 1st 3 pics are pre surgery. The 4th and 5th are post surgery.  She's going to feel SO much better now!


The Wizard pups are AWESOME!!   Ginny, Ron, Hermoine, Fleur, Neville and Minerva are healthy and doing great!  They are your typical puppies, play, eat, sleep, poop and repeat!  :)

Puppy Playtime!


Meet Remy and Zoey! Remy and Zoey are 3 yr old, yellow female sisters! These girls love each other and are looking for a home together! They are good with others and absolute dolls!

3.2.2018 UPDATE:  Remmy and Zoey are great girls! Remmy is a little bigger than Zoey but they are otherwise tough to tell apart. Definitely sisters! They are medium energy, get along well with other dogs but tend to gravity to each other when it's play time. Zoey crates easily but Remmy needs a little coaxing. Once in they are fine, not a peep. They have pretty much ignored the cats they have seen through the fence so may be fine with dog savvy cats. They have also been great with the 12 year old human they have been around. They are very sweet and happy Labs!


Meet Snoopy! This handsome fella is SNOOPY, a 6 month old Flat Coated Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix, with sleek onyx black fur and brilliant eyes! He's a real "looker!  This pup is the quintessential family dog...he is trustworthy, loving, playful, yet not overly rambunctious that he would be too rough with small children. He likes to cuddle and snuggle, and loves to be with people. He is also friendly and good natured towards other dogs. Snoopy walks cooperatively on a leash, but we are unsure yet if he is house or crate trained. This awesome puppy impressed the shelter staff and volunteers with his eagerness to please, happy disposition, and good looks. Snoopy would be a delightful addition to any family, large or small. We can't sing his praises high enough! 


Derived from Latin, Stella means star. That is exactly what you are getting when you welcome this sweet girl into your family. Stella is a STAR! Don’t let her age fool you. This beautiful black lab has mastered puppy dog eyes. That is exactly what you will get if she can’t cuddle on the couch with you. Although a lady never tells her age, it is suspected that Stella is between 8-9 years-old. Some may consider Stella a couch potato. She just wants to relax and be with her humans. She is about 55 pounds. Stella enjoys a walk or two during the day. She walks well on a leash using just a collar. Throughout the day she’s been known to chew on a bone or plush toy and will engage in a brief game of fetch on occasion. Stella knows some basic commands, but like any rescue she could always benefit from additional training. Stella will go into her crate with coaxing, but her foster has reported crating is really not needed. Stella will spend the night on the floor at the foot of your bed sleeping comfortably in her dog bed. This star shines brightly and does not discriminate. She loves people of all ages and genders. She is good with dogs too. If Stella could speak, she’d tell you she prefers to spend her time with laid back dogs like herself. Stella is being fostered with a cat and is curious, but has shown no extended interest in her feline friends. A calm laid back life style is what Stella is looking for in her forever family. Stella will not be your whole life, but she will certainly make your life whole. Aren’t you ready to welcome this calm sweet girl into your family? Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Here comes the sun! Meet Sunshine, a radiant yellow 2-3 year old girl. What a perfect name for a lab who was rescued from darkness and brought into the light. When she came to her Southern fosters she was fearful of the world and spent her first days hiding. After months of love, safety and trust-building, Sunshine has been transformed into a joyful, playful, belly-rub-lovin’ sweetheart.
This 50 pound cutie is great with all people, young or old, male or female. She does take just a moment to warm up to strangers, though. After the sniff-test, all is good! She is also an instant pal to all dogs. She enjoys playing chase and shares her toys nicely with them. She is just fine with cats and doesn’t seem very interested in them. She is a medium energy dog who loves a few walks and some off-leash play time each day.
Sunshine comes with quite an impressive resume! She already knows the commands sit, stay and come and she is great on a leash. She is housebroken, though she had occasional accidents as she transitioned to the stable routine of her foster home. She is great in her crate and will go in willingly while her family is at work all day. She also sleeps in her crate on work nights, but enjoys sleeping on the couch on the weekends. Sunshine should be crated when she’s alone when she first joins her forever family until she learns the new routines and boundaries. 
This little Sunshine is ready to share her warmth with a loving family. Let her brighten up your cold, dark winter days!


Meet Valentine and her pups!  There are 2 boys- Hart and Romeo and 4 girls- Candy, Cherish, Lacey and Ruby.  They were born on January 1st, 2018.  They will be available for adoption in mid March!


Meet the Winter Litter!  The gorgeous litter of ELEVEN were born on January 28th.  There are FIVE girls and SIX boys.  The girls are Crystal, Sparkles, Coco, Mittens and Ivory.  The boys are Aspen, Jay, Coal, Comet, Jack and Eskimo.