Below are some of the great dogs that are available at Lu's Labs.

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Meet Alvin! We are closing out 2017 with doggie number 360... this black male, 5 month old cutie!


Barney is a handsome and lovable one year old, 60lb, chocolate lab. He is a big, goofy, clumsy puppy who loves his toys, other dogs, and humans. He gives lots of kisses, is sensitive and may get his feelings hurt easily, so he is looking for a gentle forever family who will love him to the moon and back. He is learning basic commands, including taking treats nicely and how to walk on a leash; he pulls a little during walks but he is doing terrific - this boy is a rock star! He is medium energy and will benefit from a consistent routine of daily exercise and plenty of dog appropriate toys. Barney loves to romp in the backyard and will toss his toys up in the air as he plays, he is so much fun to watch! Once inside, he will settle down next to his foster dog siblings or near his humans and chew on bones and toys. He even crosses his paws, giving him that distinguished gentleman look. Barney may be a bit of a ham, as gorgeous as he is, who can blame him! Barney is crate trained and has made tremendous progress with potty training since arriving to his southern foster. He hasn’t had any accidents for the past few days! What a smart boy! While he hasn’t lived with cats in his southern foster home, Barney met the neighborhood cat and simply kept walking, as instructed by his foster mom. Are you looking for a goofy, happy dog who will entertain you with his antics while also smothering you with kisses? If so, Barney is your boy!


Meet Bingo! Bingo’s owner reached out to us for help.... she inherited Bingo from her parents but has realized she isn’t able to give him the attention he deserves. Bingo has been with their family since he was a puppy and she wants him to find a great family ever to love him forever! Bingo is a 7 yr old chocolate male and he is a very sweet dog. He is very friendly and wiggly when I you meet him and he will greet you with a toy in his mouth, ready to play. He knows some basic commands, i.e. sit, shake, stay. Bingo listens very well to his "mama" and seems very devoted to her. According to his owner, he likes kids and all adults he has ever met. We will introduce Bingo to other dogs as soon as we get his vaccinations up to date. Overall, Bingo is a very sweet, "medium energy" boy!

12.10.17 UPDATE:  I'm Bingo. I'm 7 1/2 yrs young. Kids and adults love me. My favorite things have to be squeeze toys that make noise and playing catch. Warm hugs and holding hands keep me happy when I'm not running around wagging my tail like a puppy.

Bingo loves car rides!
Bingo is good on a leash and good with other dogs!


Meet Bud and Millie! Bud and Millie are 6 yr old bonded siblings. If one goes out, the other cries... they are very attached! They were both part of a juvenile detention center program that dissolved and they have basically spent the last 2 yrs in a room, except for potty breaks. 😔 You can see the room in the album. They are super sweet, love people, great with other dogs, and absolutely amazing! Bud is 101 pounds and Millie is 80 pounds.


Meet Buddy! Buddy is a Lab golden mix. He is 18 months to 2 years old. He gets along great with all dogs male, female, big, or small! He loves cats and likes to engage in play with them and will even go on a walk with the cat on the leash. He is house trained and will go to the door when he needs to go out and knows a few basic commands. He does not care for a crate and will bark continuously if placed in one. He is a young male who enjoys finding things to chew if he does not have plenty of toys of his own. He is great with kids and allows his 11 year old foster human sister to walk him without pulling. Buddy enjoys actives like hiking and running although long walks are just as fun! He loves to snuggle on the couch or on the bed, but understands that a dog bed is his place sleep! 


Meet Carson and Callie! They are approximately 1 year old. Carson is the chocolate and Callie is the black. They are sweet dogs that are BFFs! They are good with other dogs and friendly with every person they have met! More info to come!



Meet Daisy! Daisy is a gorgeous 7-year-old, 38lb (she is underweight and needs to gain about 10 pounds) black lab who was previously used as a breeding dog until she surpassed the breeding age (typically about 6 yrs old), at which point her breeder dropped her off at the local shelter. No looking back, Daisy is looking for a person or family who will spoil her and show her the love and affection she deserves. Daisy is an amazingly calm dog. One of her favorite things is to be swaddled up in a warm plush blanket, on your lap. As soon as you sit down - and I mean the second you do - she will want to sit on your lap. So, prepare yourself before you sit. Grab your drink, the remote, book or whatever and THEN sit because once she's cuddled on your lap you don't want to move. Plan ahead! She loves affection but doesn't beg for it; if you ask her to sit and relax with you, she will gratefully soak up your love. Daisy is docile and prefers to watch the other dogs play rather than join in. She gets along with everyone, kids, adults and dogs, however she is shy when meeting new people. Daisy is on a road to recovery. She is jumpy when there are loud noises and skittish if you try to pet her head too fast. She is working on regaining trust. She needs to gain about 10 pounds and is currently being hand fed by her foster mom. She will eat with encouragement and patience. Daisy’s foster mom doesn’t mind, because she knows Daisy is worth it. She is a lower energy pup, but does enjoy her walks and walks nicely on the leash. She needs a few walks a day to help clear her head of the nightmares she has endured during her 7 years. Her foster mom likes to allow her to sniff EVERYTHIING on her walks! This takes 20 times longer than a normal walk. Daisy deserves this luxury. Daisy is housebroken and respectful of space and belongings. She does not like to be crated although she goes in with gentle coaxing. She will bark in the crate. But Daisy does not need to be crated. When you come home from a long day, Daisy will greet you with tail wags and a big bright smile. She is eager to please. If you are looking for a sweet and gentle pup, if you have tons of gentle love to give, if you have sweet, soft things to whisper to a furry friend, if you have a safe warm lap to give freely, you just might be the person Daisy has been waiting for. She is worth all of it and more.


Lu’s Labs would like you to meet the fabulous Franky! Franky is an approximately 4 year old black boy from Texas. He weighs 90 pounds, and, believe it or not, he needs to put on a few more! Franky has but one mission in life. His goal is to be the best cuddle-lab, ever! Frankie was found with an injury to one of his back legs. After medical consultation, it was decided that FHO surgery was the best route to take for Franky to be the best he can be. He is currently recovering from that surgery, and doing very well. His PT is progressing, despite how frustrating it is for Franky. You see, the more PT time, the less time in foster mom’s lap! Franky is determined about his goal to be the number one cuddler! While Franky does not seem to have a lot of dog experience, he gets along well with other dogs. His preference is for the moderate to low energy kind. Those dogs mesh perfectly with his personality of couch potato. He uses his Texas charm to set boundaries with more active dogs. Always the gentleman, Franky is a great communicator with other dogs. Remember, his number one goal: the best cuddle bug on the East Coast! Franky is not interested in cats. He is house trained, crate trained, walks nicely on a leash, and knows the commands: sit, down, come, heel. He is wonderful with children. Franky understands every little person is precious and needs their space. He is not a jumper. And, Franky loves his car rides! Franky is a sweet and loving boy. He only wants to keep you warm on chilly nights, and give you lots of lab love after stressful days! Franky is a champion love bug who needs a forever home to snuggle into and practice the art of adoration!

1.24.17 UPDATE:  Franky is doing GREAT! He is such a love. He loves to follow his foster dad around outside doing work in the yard. Being with his people is his favorite thing to do! His PT is going really well, he's seen the Vet twice for follow ups since his FHO surgery and he said he's progressing nicely. He will need continue leash walks (adding some obstacles and hills is great for him) a couple times a day to continue to rebuild the muscle in the leg he had surgery on but he's perfect on a leash and really enjoys the walks. He's gained some much needed weight and probably needs to gain a little more. He's a bit of a picky eater and giving him kibble doesn't cut it for him. He needs something to spice it up and has been loving some good quality pate canned food mixed in. At first his foster mom and to beg him to eat but once the canned food was introduced, he now lets her know if she's a few minutes late for his meals. This is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet. A lap Lab for sure!

Uploaded by Lu's Labs Labrador Retriever Rescue on 2018-01-15.
Uploaded by Lu's Labs Labrador Retriever Rescue on 2018-01-15.


Meet Goldie!  She is approximately 2 years old and is good with other dogs.

12.21.17 UPDATE FROM GOLDIE:  In my defense, it was raining outside, it was dark, it was late and I just don't do rain. Sent to bed early last night and no snacks....hmmmmph.

And foster Mom got miffed this morning for me eating the cat food, again, and she growled at me. So, I went and hid undet all her picture frames. She was wanting to leave to go search for lost dog in Bayside and she is miffed cos I am playing hide and seek. She called me a dumph cos my wagging thump thump tail gave me away. Seriously - one cant stop a derned wagging tail. Silly me.

And the Venetian blinds on the front door - sigh, well, you were outside working and I wanted to see and they was in the way. I really did think they would bend back. Honest. 

And when you found me perched on top of the BBQ peeking over the fence. Well, oh heck - no excuse. It just looked like fun. I know it was an extra five feet to look out the chain link gate.....but there it was, the perfect perch off the wet ground. Foster Mom sure has some strange ideas about rules here. She moved the BBQ. Seriously!

But Nicole Nuccio sent me a whole plate of freshly cooked bacon. Yup, that works! So all is well with the world again. But foster Mom says pregnant doggy still lost in Bayside. She says she needs volunteers for a search party. She says to wait for updates on that.

So here is to another day. So so much to learn - and such a short time. But Foster Mom says I am a great dog and super sweet.....and very creative. What ever she means by that. Do you know?

Tail Wags



Meet Gus! Gus found himself in need of help due to all the rain and flooding in Louisiana. Of course, we stepped up! Gus is a gorgeous 2-3 yr old boy who is in search of his forever home. Gus is a shy boy who has been making great progress in his foster home.  He now seeks out attention from his foster and even comes up on the couch for some cuddle time!


Happy days are here again with Lu’s Labs introducing Joanie! Joanie is a chocolate and silver beauty from Alabama. She is approximately 4 to 5 years old and currently weighs 46 pounds. Clearly, she needs to gain a little weight! Her foster mom is working on plumping her up, and who would not love to be on giving end of treats to this absolutely gorgeous girl!

Not only gorgeous, this ‘Bama lady loves everyone! She is benevolent to babies, tolerant of toddlers, considerate of young children. Joanie loves cats! She plays with them just as she plays with other dogs. She is equally happy with being chased or the chaser. Joanie likes to run! She will chase cats, but not behave aggressively toward them or other dogs. Joanie loves balls – in fact, fetch is second on her list of favorites. She likes to play with kongs, tug toys, and bones. She is becoming well-trained. Joanie has mastered the commands: sit and drop it. 

Joanie is house trained, crate trained, and walks nicely on a leash. She is a medium energy dog. Play time in the back yard and walks are enough activity for this graceful girl.  You might be wondering, if fetch is number two on her list, what is number one? Well, actually the top place on Joanie’s list of priorities is held by two things that have ended up in a tie. Joanie is most happy to divide her time on your lap and having her ears scratched. If it is possible to provide both at once, you can imagine the heaven that Miss Joanie will be in!

So, the question remains, are you in need of ear scratching, lap cuddling, and fetch practice? Because if so, you could do no better than adding Joanie to your life. Her southern charm will certainly win your heart forever!

12.27.17 FOSTER UPDATE:  Joanie is good with cats, dogs of all sizes & small children! She also LOVES to fetch! She is medium energy & loves to play but also loves to cuddle up in your lap on the couch. She is great in her crate & on leash.


Lu's Labs would like to present Logan, a beautiful black boy, weighing approximately 60 pounds! Although Logan is about 4 years of age, he retains a lot of his puppy enthusiasm! As he adores being around people, he will shower everyone with huge amounts a love, which he expects to be reciprocated!

Logan is a medium energy dog. He enjoys daily walks. He is a good walker, using only a collar. Logan is a happy fella, curious about the cats he sees in the neighborhood. He does not live in a home with cats, nor have we seen him in any one-on-one cat interactions. But, his true fondness is for squirrels. Although he has never caught a squirrel, he does have a high prey drive for those furry grey teasers!

Logan enjoys playtime with other dogs. He enjoys a good game of chase or keep away. Logan has visited dog parks and accompanies his foster mom on jogs. He is working very diligently to master the finer points of fetch. He has perfected the catch, which is a good part of the game. He is a master at running around with the ball. But, Logan continues to practice the bring back and drop steps.

Logan is housebroken and crate trained. He sometimes sleeps in his crate and stays in there for a few hours during the day. Logan needs a little encouragement to enter the crate - a treat or two would definitely do the job, nicely! Once Logan understands the rules of his new home, what to and what not to chew, the trust in his behavior will grow. But, as with most new family dogs, a crate can be a useful tool!

Logan is neither food nor toy possessive. He shares beautifully. His loving personality is one of his best features! Logan gets along with all dogs and people of all ages. He is a cuddle bug! His foster mom says that Logan is "genuinely the perfect family dog"!  Is your family the perfect family for Logan?

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

11.9.17 UPDATE:  Logan's personality keeps on getting bigger!! Last night while I was doing my makeup he crawled over to hangout and give me lots of kisses.  He slept through the night great and got up around 8:30 this morning to eat and go out. No accidents so far! He's starting to play and his sass is coming out a bit! Still trying to figure out how to get onto my bed though! LOL

11.14.17 UPDATE:  Logan is just a ray of sunshine this morning! This morning he ran laps with his pal Oliver and burned off some energy. Now that he's super comfortable here he's definitely a dog with a good amount of energy but still loves to cuddle ❤

Logan leaving the shelter!
Logan has done well with everyone he has met so far!
Logan making dog friends!


Louie is a one year old bundle of puppy love! This black boy weighs 46 pounds and is high energy, just like you would expect a puppy to be!
He enjoys several walks a day, using just a collar. He likes to run and play with other dogs. Initially, Louie can be hyper when greeting new friends, but he calms down soon after. His foster mom is pretty sure he would be a water boy. 

Louie loves his people, too. He is a cuddle bug and a very good snuggler. When meeting new people, Louie may bark in excitement at first, and after a few pets and a quick sniff, he is begging for affection! Louie gets along with all people and loves his foster canine siblings. Louie has not been introduced to cats, as yet. This peaceful boy shows no aggression of any kind.

Louie is crate trained and is used to staying in the crate for several hours during the day. But foster mom lets this lovey boy snuggle in bed with her at night. He knows how to sit, but Louie would benefit from further training to expand his command repertoire. He is potty trained as well, but needs to be let out often to reinforce this habit. He likes to keep to a schedule!  Louie is on his way to being a perfect gentleman! He would add tons of fun to any group! Is Louie the pup for your family?

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

12.28.17 UPDATE:  Louie is a sweet boy who acts like a puppy. He loves to give kisses, but sometimes he will get carried away and accidentally nip you. He is learning to love gently but he is just so darn excited!  He is very active, so older kids might be best because of him being so playful and thinking he is a small lapdog.  He is improving at taking treats gently by hand.

He loves all the other dogs and loves to run and play chase out in the backyard. He and a foster brother Edward take turns playing chase and pulling the stick out of each other's mouths. He will try to get in your lap at all times and loves to be petted, but when he finally runs out of energy, he is content to laze around on the floor or couch.  He walks well on a leash (slip leash)-excited at first, but calms down and he loves to ride in the car.


Meet Luna! Luna is our first official dog for 2018! Luna and Alvin were found together and we think she might be his momma and we don’t leave family behind... oh, AND Luna is PREGNANT! No idea how old she is or how long before she delivers. We will get her to the vet tomorrow and update y’all with info! Luna is a deep dark chocolate. She’s sweet as can be and good with all dogs and cats! We named her Luna because we always name our first dog of the year with a “Lu” and her babies will be named after the Harry Potter characters. Luna Lovegood was a character in Harry Potter. Luna is fostering with Jessica and her family. The last time Jessica whelped a momma for us we shared the birth with you via a live Facebook video and we will do the same with Luna and her wizards!


Meet Margo! Margo is a 1-2 yr old, 50 pound Louisanna beauty! She is good with other dogs and loves people!


Meet Michael! What a transformation this 1 year old chocolate boy has made through the TLC of his southern foster. When Michael first joined Lu’s Labs he was skinny, skittish and scraggly. After a month of love, patience, good nutrition and a safe environment he has been reborn as the gorgeous, playful goofball a young lab should be. 
Michael is a 50 pound puppy and could stand to gain 10 pounds. Because Michael had a rough start in life, he’s working through his natural puppy behaviors now. He needs to chew, play, and move! He should be monitored when he’s not in his crate because he can be mischievous! He has high energy and he LOVES to chase and wrestle with all dogs and will readily share his toys. He has spent time around a few felines without incident and would be good with dog-savvy cats as he does want to chase them to play. If the cat tells him to back off, he is respectful of that. His comfort level with people grows daily. He trusts and loves his human family, but is shy around strangers. He will warm up to new humans as they earn his trust.
He is housebroken, and his southern foster mama is working on crate training him! He can stay crated up to 8 hours, though he will protest. He LOVES his toys, so keeping him entertained inside and outside the crate will feed his puppy development and minimize his “explore my world by chewing it” accidents. He’s also learning to walk like a big boy on a leash with just a bit of pulling using a regular collar. Michael is ready for puppy obedience training and continued routine and structure in his life so he can continue to develop! He would love to learn his basic commands with you. 
Michael has come so far in just a month. With a patient, loving, forever family he will become the amazing, loving boy he was destined to be!


Murphy is here! This yellow/cream colored boy is approximately 3 years old and weighs 75 pounds! This is a Texas boy who is ready to join his forever family!

This big boy is crate trained, housetrained, and knows how to sit on command! Murphy is very friendly with other dogs. He loves every dog he meets, regardless of size! If there is a cranky dog in the area, Murphy leaves well enough alone. Murphy lets nothing rain on his parade - he just wants to play and have fun. Murphy loves to have playdates and extended games of fetch. Murphy enjoys balls, as every lab must, and he prefers to exercise his jaws chewing on bones. 

Murphy has shown no interest in cats. He walks nicely using a collar and leash. He loves all people, old and young alike! Murphy greets strangers readily and calls them “friend” very quickly!  Murphy is a medium energy dog. He would require walks, and off-leash play time in the backyard. 
This sun-shining boy, both in color and temperament, would love a family with or without dogs and with or without children. He would be happy being a companion to a loving adopter! Murphy would bring happiness, love, and more sunlight into anyone’s life!


Meet Murphy! Murphy is a 2 yr old, 80 pound black male stud muffin! Murphy is good with all dogs and ignored the cat when met at the vet. Murphy is a young active BIG boy. He LOVES people! People-He loves people! He shows affection by jumping on you, leaning into you and giving lots of mouthy open mouthed kisses. Over all, Murphy is: Young Goofy Gorgeous Affectionate Eager Huge presence Gonna be GREAT, but definitely needs training! ❤️


Meet Roger! Roger is a 6 year old, 112 pound Lab mix. Roger was surrendered to the shelter after his family found out their new baby was allergic to him. He was getting very sad and depressed at the shelter when he realized his family wasn't coming back for him so we stepped in. Roger is very friendly and has lived in a home with small children. He's very friendly, house trained, crate trained, great on a leash and knows commands. We have an extensive medical history on Roger and he has been kept up to date on vet visits, vaccines, flea and heart worm prevention.

12.25.17 UPDATE:  I have discovered that he is very loving, BIG cuddle-bug and lap dog EXTRAORDINARE!! He’s just kind of like a big old comfy afghan blanket I can snuggle up to and go right to sleep! LOVE LOVE LOVE this boy!!


Meet Roger, an approximately 1-2 year old black lab boy. Roger is a lovely and playful boy with a goofy personality. He is a medium/high energy dog, and will benefit from several sessions of exercise each day. Roger has some scars that look to be from a minor hit by a car. The scars do not seem to bother him one bit. He is happy to be loved and cared for now that he’s a Lu’s Labs dog. When we found Roger, he was emaciated. He is currently underweight at 65 pounds and he eats his food very quickly. This could be because of his history of not knowing where his next meal is coming from. Poor baby! Don’t worry Roger, you will be spoiled and loved for the rest of your life! Roger’s family should use a slow feeder and feed him separately from other pets for right now. We need to build his confidence and show him he doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Just like most young dogs, Roger’s forever family should be ready to provide daily exercise (Roger is long, lean, and fast! He'd make a great running partner) and training to teach him how to be a great pack member for the rest of his life. This should include basic manners, leash walking and taking treats gently. Roger is already crate trained and is great in the crate. His current placement has a variety of dogs and Roger has been great with all the dogs he has met. He loves to run with other playful pups. He loves squeaky balls, toys, and he is a Ladies’ man! Roger can be mouthy at times, after all, he’s still a young guy! With proper training and consistency, this behavior will likely change. If the family who adopts Roger has children, they should be ready and willing to work on this. Roger is a loving, playful and happy lab and his personality will continue to emerge as he settles into his forever home. Is your home ready for Roger to become the star of your show?

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

12.14.17 UPDATE:  Louis/Roger's doing so well in walking on a leash now. Well, except when I'm fumbling with kibble in my pocket, the leash and the phone. He only needed a few days of training and he now sits so nicely to go out of the front door. The only leash tugging is for a good smell, otherwise he is doing well at my pace. Once we get home, I take him in the backyard to run and jump around like a crazy guy! He is loving life! Here he is helping me with watering plants=)


Meet Roman! Roman is approx 3 yrs and about 80-85 pounds. Roman is bff’s with all dogs, seems ok with cats (more info on cats to come) and loves all people! Roman knows some basic commands and is ready to find his forever family!


Meet Ryder! Ryder is a 1 yr old, 57 pound chocolate lovebug. The shelter named him Ryker but that made us think of a prison so we are calling him Ryder. 😉

1.14.17 UPDATE:  Hello there, I know - I have been quiet since I got to foster Moms. I was not well the first few days. My infection is better - but I still have a cough. Its gonna get all better - just need some time. 

We has cats here. - not sure about cats. I was barking at them - but they just sit there and stare at me. And they sits on Foster Moms lap. Yup. Dats not fair - so I sit there and whine. That aint working either. Sigh. Cats....hmmmmphhhhh.

I am learning there is always food here. Its so hard when you have done without and your not sure it will be there for you. So I am learning "Its OK" and, better yet, I have to share.

Lus Labs sent me a shiny new collar and tag. WooHoo - they loves me. So here is my pic with my collar. I am so special foster Mom says.

Foster Mom says I bark like a hound ....she always giggles when I woof. Gee, just cant figure out why she thinks its so cute. Then she cuddles me. 

So there it is - just me settling in. I am laying at her feet right now - she keeps telling me to be nice to the cats - then she gives me a treat. Yup, I got this part figured out.

Tail Wags



Meet Sampson! Sampson is a handsome 1 yr old black male who just joined the Lu’s Labs family!


Meet Sarah! Sarah is about 1-2 yrs old and 42 pounds... she ness to gain weight and should be around 50 pounds. Sarah is super sweet and great with other dogs. Welcome to Lu’s Labs, Sarah!


Meet Sasha! Sasha is a 7 month old yellow female. Sasha is good with others and loves people!


Meet Splash! We love the seniors at Lu’s Labs and when we saw that Splash needed rescue, we immediately jumped. He’s a lucky boy... first saved and given lots of TLC from an amazing family and now he will go on to find a forever family with us. Here is his story: “This is Splash a 10 or 11 year old lab that lives with my son in Somerset Kentucky . Splash was a stray and no one wanted him so my son took him in and updated him on shots and had him neutered . He was in bad shape back then but now is healthy and is looking for a forever home . Splash is a very good boy . He has lived with cats and 2 other big dogs and gets a long well with them . He will not go in a crate so needs a big yard or be kept inside . He does very well inside and only has one thing he does not like .. That is plastic bags ..He will tear them up but not eat them .. My son will be moving soon and needs to rehome him . Splash will only go to a good home .Please let me know if you may be interested in Splash .”


Meet Stanley! The stars began to align for this beautiful chocolate boy when Lu’s Labs President, Lu stopped by a southern shelter during a rescue mission for another lab. It was love at first sight for both, so Lu was determined to give Stanley the “happily ever after” life he deserved. Stanley is 81 pounds of pure gooey sugar. He adores all people, young or old, male or female. He loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. He may even remind you with a nudge or a whine that his belly is available, so you need to get pattin’. When you return home from an outing, he will greet you with a Happy Dance Party. If you have little humans, be aware of Stanley’s joyful dance moves. Stanley is an instant best friend to all dogs. He will share his toys, wrestle or play chase with doggy buddies, depending on their energy levels. Stanley himself is a medium energy dog, so leashed walks and romps with furry friends are plenty of activity for him when he’s not busy being a couch potato. It’s unknown whether he likes cats. Our 5 year old, brown buddy loves his crate! Not only does he take occasional naps in there with the door open, he can be crated all day while you’re at work. He is also completely housebroken and a champion at coming when he’s called. He would like to learn some more basic commands, leash skills, and “four on the floor” (no jumping) interactions with his human friends. Also, Stanley sometimes thinks he’s a lap dog. This can present a challenge if you are hurtling down the highway and he decides to help you drive. Securing him during car rides is a good idea. No doubt Stanley will be a quick learner in exchange for love and belly rubs. Stanley was found by Lu for a reason! He is destined to find his “happily ever after” now! Be the final “star” that makes it so.

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.


Meet Sunshine! Sunshine is 2-3 yrs old and 55 pounds. Sunshine has a sad story which you can read about in the 2nd picture. We had one of our fosters go meet her and she was fine. She is a little shy still but was friendly with the little dog and the barking dogs don’t bother her. She let Matt, her foster daddy, pet her without a problem. We feel that she deserves a chance to find love and she will get that as a Lu’s Labs girl!

12.26.17 FOSTER UPDATE:  Sorry that I haven’t sent an update on Sunshine sooner but we wanted to give her some time to decompress so this may be a little lengthy. What we have found out so far is that she is great with other dogs and with cats. She does have some fear of humans which is understandable because of her previous situation. We are allowing her time to adjust to the new living conditions and hopefully she will begin to be less stressed. We are learning the things that stress her and removing those things. She just wants to run and hide because that made her feel safe before and we don't want her to feel that way anymore. When we would bring her back in the house from play time or potty she would immediately run and hide under the coffee table instead of retreating to her crate. Last night we removed the coffee table from the living room and she is now retreating to her crate to relax, but also spending less time hiding. She is wanting to socialize with my pack. We are working on a lot of skills at one time with her and trying to not overwhelm her. Leash walking has been challenging the last few days, but we have changed her collar and she is doing better. All in time, I know she will be able to find the perfect forever family she deserves. She has learned cuddles are good and that Matt and I are ok. She comes up to us now for treats and people food. She loves ham, bacon, eggs, and biscuits.


Meet Toby! Toby is a 2 yr old, 70 pound love! Toby is great with female dogs and good with makes as long as they don’t try to bully him! No cats for Mr. Toby though! Toby is currently in foster with children and is very gentle with them. He will immediately sit when asked and gently removes treats from child’s hand.❤️ He’s a SWEET boy!


Meet Trout! Trout is a 2 yr old, calm cuddle bug! He is good with others, good on the leash and looking for someone to love!


Lu’s Labs would like to introduce a dog named Wanda! Wanda is a black beauty, approximately 2 years old from Louisiana! Wanda weighs in at a lovely 72 pounds. 

Wanda loves everyone, regardless of age or gender! When meeting new people she can initially come off as a little shy, but within a few minutes you are in the circle, and Wanda will gladly accept your cuddles and ear scratches. She loves dogs. Wanda considers all new acquaintances future friends! And, Wanda seems completely uninterested in cats. So, homes with feline siblings are a-okay with Wanda!  Wanda has nothing but love towards, humans, animals, food, treats or toys, and she is fine with sharing. This southern lady would be comfortable in all manner of homes. She is a certified couch potato! Wanda is satisfied with daily walks. She still pulls a bit using a leach and collar. But, her manners are improving!
Wanda is an inquisitive girl, always interested in what is being prepared for the next meal or snack. So, please be careful of leaving opened food on the counter. Wanda considers herself a eminent food taster. Without careful attention in the kitchen, she will taste it all!

Wanda is completely house trained and crate trained. She monitors herself very well. Wanda asks to go outside. And, her foster family leaves the door to her crate open, and Wanda will put herself in there when she needs a moment. By all accounts, Wanda is a sweetheart. She has not barked yet. Her gentle nature will make her a wonderful addition to any family! 

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

FOSTER UPDATE 12.10.17:  Wanda is settling in nicely! She's a sweet, gentle soul yet can be quite playful. She's house trained, and likes to retreat to her crate when ready for some down time. She's great with other dogs, not a big barker, and likes to cuddle.

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