Adoption Process



Once you receive the email introduction from the Adoption Coordinator, you will be asked to offer times and dates convenient to your family’s schedule for the phone interview. All adult household members must be present for the call. Please keep in mind that Lu’s Labs is volunteer driven and most volunteers also have full-time jobs…patience is appreciated. Should you not hear back within two weeks of the application submission date, please forward an email of inquiry to to ensure that your adoption application hasn't fallen into cyberspace.


The adoption application requests contact information for your vet reference and two personal references. The vet reference should be the veterinarian that you have used for your current pet(s) and/or your past pet(s). Please call your vet to give them approval for a representative of Lu’s Labs to discuss your pet’s medical history with them. We also ask that you give your personal references heads up that a volunteer from Lu’s Labs will be calling them on your behalf. So often these personal references will see the unknown phone number calling them and disregard. This will hold up the adoption process. Once these references check out as stellar, the phone interview can proceed as scheduled.


Please allow up to an hour for this phone conversation. It is an opportunity for both you and the Lu’s Labs Adoption Coordinator to get to know each other better, ask questions, and address any concerns you may have. The Adoption Coordinator will discuss the process in detail and ask questions about your family dynamics, schedule, habits, home, and lifestyle. This is all to determine the perfect match for you. Please keep in mind that the labs/lab mixes are Lu’s Labs priority. These pups have been rescued and as such are deserving of a home where they will be loved and well taken care of for the rest of their lives.


Once the telephone interview has gone well, the home check will be scheduled. You will get an email from another volunteer at Lu’s Labs soon after the telephone interview to schedule this home visit. LL people who live in the home are REQUIRED to be present and participate in the home check visit. This is again an opportunity to learn more about the process, ask questions, and show the volunteer how you plan to care for your new furbaby. First-time adopters may have another home check after the adoption to ensure that the transition is going well and to again ask any questions and share and discuss concerns. A successful home check completes the approval process and now you can schedule a meet-and-greet at a foster home or keep tabs of that special Lu’s Labs rescue that has not yet been transported to the greater Washington DC area. These pups are listed on the Lu’s Labs website and are discussed and posted on the Lu’s Labs Facebook page.


Most often approved applicants already have their eye on a particular Lu’s Labs pup. If that pup is still available once you are fully approved, arrangements can be made to meet that pup at the foster’s home or wait until that special pup arrives to the Washington DC area from its point of rescue. The Adoption Coordinator will discuss the available pups with you and together you will determine which one seems to be your ‘perfect’ match.


If the pup you wish to meet is at a foster’s home, the Adoption Coordinator will forward to you the foster’s contact information. It is up to you to call the foster and ask any questions you wish about the pup. This is your opportunity to verify that indeed this pup sounds like the perfect match for your family. You should be asking questions about habits, personality, size, schedule, health, and special needs to just mention a few. Most often you have already discussed this with the Adoption Coordinator but it is the foster who currently knows the pup the best, so it is important to confirm what you think you already know about this Lu’s Labs pup. Once you are satisfied that this pup sounds like the one for you, schedule a time that your entire family and resident pup, if applicable, can make the trip to the foster’s home. This visit must take place within 4 days or at the latest by the following Saturday evening if over 4 days. Pups will not be promised or held beyond that time period. If the pup has no other interest, you may be lucky and availability may extend beyond the 4 day period but there is no guarantee. Take your time in evaluating the pup and how he/she will fit into your family. Interact with the pup, play on the floor with the pup, and allow your current dog to interact at his/her own pace. Do not push the dogs to interact. Go for a walk together and see how it goes. Be sure to bring with you a collar (martingale collar is recommended) and leash so that if everyone passes the ‘sniff’ test, you can take the pup home with you. The foster will accept payment via PayPal or a check payable to Lu’s Labs and have you sign the adoption contract. The adoption is now final. Welcome to the Lu’s Labs family!

Click here to view Lu's Labrador Retriever Rescue Adoption Contract.


Please keep in mind that change is stressful for your new furbaby. Stress can be exhibited by panting, pacing, marking, and/or barking. Give your rescue time to adjust. Stay calm and consistent. Do not overwhelm the pup with new introductions to neighbors, friends, and extended family. Take your time with these introductions. The pup needs to learn about his/her new family and learn to trust. Conversely, you, the family, needs to learn about your pup. How will he react in new situations, on walks, with traffic, with loud noise, etc. Be pro-active and think ahead to what could happen in varied situations. Double leash if you are unsure. Do not leave in yard unattended. Ensure that doors are not left open. Until the pup realizes and appreciates that he/she is ‘home’, he/she will be looking for his/her next meal elsewhere. Be vigilant, calm, and patient. Before you know it, you will not remember the day this pup wasn't part of your family.

It is wise to transition your new pup to a high-value food of your choice. To that end, the foster will tell you which food they have been feeding your rescue. This transition should take a week or two dependent on how sensitive your pup’s digestive tract seems to be according to the following schedule:

Day 1 and 2, 75% current food + 25% new food

Day 3 and 4, 50% current food + 50% new food

Day 5 and 6, 25% current food + 75% new food

Day 7, 100% new food

Register the pup’s micro-chip in your name with your respective information.

In addition, please read and follow the Lu's Labs Addendum for Heartworm, Training, and Spay/Neuter. Click here to view Lu's Labrador Retriever Rescue Addendum.


Please ensure that you read the contract in its entirety. The following only serves to highlight a few things. This in no way serves as a substitute for the contract you signed upon adoption.

Ensure that you take your pup to the vet of your choice within 7 to 10 business days. Take the medical records that you were given by the foster so these can be scanned into your vet’s records. Also get a prescription for year-round heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Heartworm disease is transmitted by infected mosquito larvae and it frankly only takes one biting your dog. Lu’s Labs has paid for and treated countless dogs that have been heartworm positive. Please don’t add to the problem by being pound foolish and penny wise. Heartworm treatment is a painful and lengthy process for the pup. Please educate yourself and others by going

Your pup should at all times wear a collar with identifying tags. The martingale collar is the preferred and recommended collar.

If your newly adopted pup is less than 6 months old, you are obligated to have your Lu’s Labs puppy spayed/neutered at 6 months of age. This is non-negotiable as we do not want to add to the problem of over-population and subsequent stray and/or unwanted animals. You will have been charged a $50 deposit to ensure spay/neuter. 


Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are due and payable prior to or on the day of adoption, no exceptions, according to the following fee schedule:

Puppies - 5 years $425 (Puppies add $50 spay/neuter deposit)

6 years-9 years $375

10 years and older $275


Bonded Pairs: $50 off each pup’s original adoption fee

Should circumstances change for you and you are unable to continue to care for your Lu’s Labs rescue, you must contact Lu’s Labs and return your pup to Lu’s Labs. We under no circumstances want a Lu’s Labs pup to ever see the inside of a shelter again.

Please call (571) 206-1645 for Owner Give-back procedures.