The Charlie Fund.png

Charlie was a very special dog. Every rescue is special, but Charlie – returned twice for being an active pup, landed himself in a home where not only would his family have a huge impact on the rescue world, but so would he.

As one of the founding foster dogs of Lu’s Labs, and the apple of Luisa’s eye, Charlie introduced over 200 wayward rescues to the indoor life of being loved. Under his wing, he taught them the joy of play, snuggles with his mom, and the fun of shenanigans like stealing food and eating toilet paper (ok... so not EVERYTHING he taught them was good). When he was diagnosed with cancer before the summer of 2018, it broke Luisa’s heart. She was determined to fight like hell and give him a summer to remember, it was dubbed the “Summer of Charlie.” Treatments and parties filled with love from the rescue community gave Charlie a few more months on this planet.

Now, in memory of Charlie and all the things he did to contribute to the rescue community, the Charlie Fund was born. This is a way for donors to give their support directly to the medical needs of rescue dogs brought in under the wing of Lu’s Labs before they go to their forever homes.