Meet Nip & Tuck

Names: Nip & Tuck

DOB: 12/1/10

Sex: Both female and confirmed spayed

Weight: Nip is 90 pounds, Tuck is 75 pounds

Breed: Lab/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Location: Darlington, MD

Vet Info:  Both Nip and Tuck have been spayed and are current on all vaccinations until April 2019. Both are Heartworm negative. Nip is blind due to Uveodermatoligic Syndrome. Tuck has full vision. They are both microchipped. 

Owner Info: Because of the owners medical condition, we have been working with friends and family members and a Rescue in Texas to find Nip & Tuck new homes. All information, except vet info, has come from them. 

Nip and Tuck have been with their owner since they were 3 months old. They are both housebroken but not leash trained. They know the command, sit. Neither dog has had any formal obedience training. Nip and Tuck are good with men, women and children of all ages. They are good with both male and female dogs. They have not been exposed to cats. Neither is possessive with toys, treats or food and they have never shown any aggression to any other person or animal. Tuck acts as Nips seeing eye dog and they are bonded since birth so they must stay together. They are both in good health with the exception of Nips blindness. At this time we have only one picture of Nip and Tuck. We are working on getting more.

If you are interested in adopting Nip and Tuck please email:

**Owner Surrender Disclaimer: These are blind and visually impaired dogs who are living in homes, but their owners can no longer keep them. These dogs are with their owners, and are not in BDRA foster homes. We do our best to screen these dogs, but make no guarantees regarding the information posted.**

Meet Zena

They call me Zena or Zee-Zee!  I am a 5-7 year old black/brown lab mix with white spotty feet and a very cute and curly tail. I have big brown soulful eyes that you will just want to fall into.  I LOVE everybody from big to little peeps, and also easily make friends with other dogs.

 I am calm, gentle, low maintenance and 75 lbs. of love.

I absolutely LOVE to go for walks, and will literally leap up and down when I see the leash.  I love to check out all of those wonderful smells, and walk pretty well with only some pulling.  And laying out in the sunshine is the best thing EVER!  I’ll happily find a nice warm spot and sunbathe any day!

I am housebroken, and good with free roam – no crate needed!  And car rides are my thing!  I will happily sit and hang out with you in the car any day!

I am up-to-date on my shots and spayed.  I do have Lyme’s disease, and am on medication and doing great!  My ears need to be monitored, and am currently on ear meds.  Well you can’t expect me to be perfect!!!

My foster says I am the most easy-going, laid back dog ever, and would fit in just about any kind of family.  Could I join yours???

If interested, please contact:

Maggie Peacock-, 814-360-2825


Jackson is beyond sweet and loves people! Unfortunately, Jackson tested positive for Heartworms and Lyme disease. He is completed all his antibiotics for the Lyme disease and is on the slow kill method for heartworms. He did have a mass removed from begin his shoulder in October. Luckily, the mass is benign but due to size and location it needed to be removed as it is starting to affect his walking/gait. He is a senior but he does not act it! He is still full of life and pep in his step. Jackson loves people and does well with other dogs. We believe Jackson lived most of his life outdoors and would be happier with a mostly outdoor home, but of course with the option to be out of the cold and bad weather.