Buddy update 4.13.19

Buddy has had his skin graft surgery and is doing great! He’s happy and will be returning to his foster home in Richmond on Monday for his recovery. Thank you to everyone that has supported his journey this far!

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Buddy Update 3/29/19

Buddy is still at South Paws and is doing well, eating, drinking and doing his business. He’s still on 2 antibiotics and pain medication. He’s doing well with the bandage changes. The wound looks good, there is no more dead skin shedding off and it looks like it’s slowly starting to grow back. When Sarah (his nurse pictured) listens to his heart, he puts his paw on her arm like he’s giving her permission to do what she needs to. He continues to be amazing with all the staff, he’s such a sweet and easy going boy.  They all just LOVE him! They all rotate their phones in his kennel so that he can watch animals on YouTube to keep him occupied.

We are including a video of one of Buddy’s bandage changes(Please visit our Facebook page to view video).  PLEASE BE AWARE, it’s a bit graphic but we want everyone to see the true extent of Buddy’s wound and understand why he has needed to remain at the Vet as long as he has.  While the wound continues to heal, it’s not an overnight process and the bandage change process is extensive and needs to be done daily. By keeping him there, they are able to closely monitor the healing process and are pros at doing this degree of bandaging.

Again, we and Buddy, thank you for all the love and support you have shown to Buddy.  It means more than we can ever put into words. Thank you ALL so very MUCH!!!!!

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Buddy Update 3/23/2019

For everyone wondering about Buddy, here is his daily update. Earlier today, our wonderful volunteers who sprung Buddy from the shelter and rushed him to the emergency Vet last weekend paid him a visit. Last Saturday Brett and Shari thought they were simply transporting a dog from the shelter to the Vet. They had no idea (nor did we) that they were picking up a dog that was bleeding, in shock and slowly dying. They spent the day taking him from one ER to another hoping that this sweet boy could be saved. When they got Buddy got to South Paws, they sat and waited for the doctors to examine and evaluate Buddy, as they needed to know his prognosis. It broke their hearts to leave knowing at the time, he only had a 25% chance of survival. So today, they were able to spend some time with him and see a much different Buddy. :)

Buddy continues to do well, eating, drinking and begging for attention as you can see in the pictures. His tail never stops wagging and he is happy to soak up any love that comes his way. Despite still being in pain, he is very sweet and thanks you for your attention in kisses.

Here are the technical details. The part under wraps, is the part of the wound that the surgeon was able to close on Thursday. The two pictures that show the part of the wound that is still open above the red bandage will need to be closed surgically within the next two weeks. This is assuming everything continues to progress as it has these last few days. The doctors do not yet know if a skin graft will be required to close this wound. As of right now, the open wound is still draining and weeping which is why it requires bandage changes twice a day. So while Buddy is doing really well, he still has quite a ways to go to being totally healed. He will remain at South Paws for now where he is receiving the best possible care. We cannot express our gratitude for all of the support we have received for Buddy. Without you, our village, we couldn’t save dogs like Buddy. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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Buddy Update 3/21/19 #2

Buddy did well during his surgery and has actually been in recovery for a while. The surgeon was able to close two areas of the wounds. The open part is from the inside of the leg to the back. The bleeding that caused the need for a transfusion was from the femoral artery again. It seems that it kept getting irritated every time that the bandage was changed. It was tied off again and was part of the wound that was closed. We spoke to the surgeon, and he said they closed off the deepest part of the wound which was the inside of the leg to the body. As for the open wound, it will need to be changed every two days if not every day for a while. He hopes to be able to close that within two weeks. He's not sure if it will need a skin graph or have to be closed as the body my heal itself. We checked again on Buddy. He woke up well. He’s on IV fluids for now but may be taken off around 2 am. He’s vitals are normal, has been wagging his tail, ate when offered food and took his oral pain medication. He hasn’t gotten up to walk or go outside yet but will be doing so soon. This is good news! Buddy will be staying at the vet for the next several days to ensure his health. Please keep the prayers coming.

Buddy update 3/21/19

We ended up replacing the bandage on Buddy overnight due to some bandage strike through and slipping. Otherwise, he’s done great overnight with many tail wags and cuddles. He did earn himself an e-collar finally, as he started licking his bandage and his IV catheter site. He is not sedated in any way - he just simply lays down when asked, rolls over on his back, snuggles up, and falls fast asleep while they are working on him (dreaming and everything). The vet tech learned that he knows “give me your paw” and will gently offer you his front paw for a shake and a treat. Such good news, and small improvements every day.

Buddy Update 3/18/2019

We just spoke with the surgeon. He changed the bandage and more skin came off. He wants to try to close some of wounds tomorrow so that will require light sedation. We asked about Buddy's release to foster and he feels it may be a week due to the location of the wounds, with them being open and what’s required to change the bandage. Buddy had stopped eating today but once his bandage was changed his appetite returned and he was happy and wagging his tail asking for affection. They will try to do another hyperbaric treatment after the procedure to close the wounds.

Buddy is still not out of the woods, and the costs are still rising. As of today, we have spent over $10,000. Medical costs are expected to be close to $15,000 before he's released. Please consider donating to his care. No amount is too small, and all donations are tax deductible!

Meet Buddy!

On Monday March 11, Buddy was taken to the vet by his owners because he was not moving. Buddy was an outside dog, so they didn’t really know how long he had been injured. The vet found that Buddy had a deep lacerated wound to his abdomen with a foul odor and a nasty drainage. Seems at some point, Buddy  impaled himself on a foreign object, possibly a stick. Since Buddy has been an outdoor dog, they owner could not say how long he had been in pain. After surgery on Wednesday March 13 to close the wound, his owners, who have had him since he was 8 weeks old (he’s now 5) turned him over to the shelter. The owners are moving and had no plans to take Buddy with them. The Shelter reached out to rescues and we gladly stepped up. We had someone scheduled to pick him up from shelter today and they called and asked us to come ASAP because he was bleeding from his suture site. Our volunteers rushed over there for him and got him to the closest ER. He was in shock. Woodbridge ER stabilized him and he is now at Southpaws and once he’s stable, he will need emergency surgery. Will you please donate to help us save Buddy

We are so thankful for your support. Will you please make a donation to help us recover these costs so we can continue our mission to save labs in need?

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