Will you help Ace?

Ace is a sweet, two-year old medium-energy boy that is the perfect lab package.

Unfortunately, Ace has severe angular limb deformity of the right proximal tibia (knee).  If we chose not to fix it, he would live a good life but he would have to remain quiet and not play, which is not a good life for a lab. Since Ace is a boy that loves to play and this can be corrected, it was a no-brainer for us to choose this option. He will need plates and rigid fixation. The fixator will have screws that will need to be turned a couple of times a day. Recovery will be 8-10 weeks after surgery.  Rehabilitation therapy post-operatively will be required to ensure good limb use and function. In total the surgeon feels that this will be about 4 months from start to finish.

Additionally, Ace is heartworm positive, and the surgeon feels that it’s best to have him undergo surgery prior to treatment for heartworm.

Ace’s medical costs will be approximately $6,000.

Will you please make a donation to help us pay for the medical expenses we are incurring for Ace? No donation is too small - every penny will help!

We thank you and are so appreciative of your ongoing support.