We have three different dog emergencies at one time and can really use your help!  Will you please make a donation to our emergency medical fund and help us save more dogs like Browning and the puppies?  No amount is too small, and every dollar donated helps us achieve our goal of saving the lives of as many labs as possible.  We thank you, and the dogs thank you!

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  • Browning is a six-year old chocolate hunk, with a sweet personality and lots of life!  On Saturday, March 3, Browning was rushed to one of our partner vets, and underwent exploratory surgery. Browning had pieces of a baseball, tennis ball and a stuffed frog in his intestine.  Browning's medical expenses have already exceeded $4,500 


  • The Doghouse Fire Puppies were rescued after their dog house caught fire.  All of the puppies suffered burns and will need to undergo laser treatments a few times per week to help heal their burns.  We estimate this will cost several thousand dollars.


  • The Harry Potter Litter puppies have all contracted parvo virus and are currently hospitalized in an attempt to save them. Their care will cost approximately $2,000.