Will you please help? Sammie has diabetes, is anemic, has hypothyroidism and loss of vision. We have been working to get her diabetes under control so that she could have eye surgery.

Sammie hadn't been feeling well earlier this week and after being taken to the vet, was rushed to Southpaws, where she could be stabilized and better assessed.  She had a blood transfusion and it seemed like she was beginning to bounce back. 

On Friday, Sammie presented on a couple of different ultrasounds with something in her stomach, even when food was withheld.  After ruling out disease, an endoscopy was done and revealed that she had some ulcers/cuts that were being irritated by fabric from a toy that had been ingested.  The surgeon was able to remove the toy, and also removed some of the tissue around the ulcers/cuts to send out for review.

Sammie seemed to be doing well overnight and was resting comfortably. Unfortunately, she passed and vomited more fabric last night, and hasn't eaten yet. Her red blood count is holding, and her glucose is low, which they're monitoring every four hours while keeping her on IV fluids.  Another ultrasound showed that one of the one of the ulcers/cuts opened and she was bleeding internally. Without emergency surgery she would probably bleed out, and of course, we gave the go ahead with the understanding that it’s very risky for a dog in her condition. Once Sammie is out of surgery, she’ll need IV fluids and a feeding tube, likely another blood transfusion, as well as medication to help prevent her from becoming septic.  She will also need her insulin, antibiotics and at least one or two days of ICU care.

The cost of Sammie’s care will be in the range of $11,000. Any donation you can make will help us to pay for her care.  We thank you, and Sammie thanks you.  Please also keep Sammie in your prayers.