Can you help Alli?

Alli is a sweet, six-year old female that we brought in at the same time we rescued Gator.

Alli underwent surgery today to have 5 mammory gland masses removed. The surgeon was able to get clean margins and the tumors are being sent out for biopsy. We are hoping for good news, and that she will be able to be treated, but if they are malignant, then we will need to determine if she is viable for chemotherapy.

They also discovered that she was pregnant but due to the fact that her uterus was in such bad shape and that she had cysts in her uterus, there was no possibility that the puppies would survive and so the pregnancy had to be terminated.

At this point, Alli’s medical costs have exceeded $2,600, and we anticipate that it may double with post-surgical care and if she needs chemotherapy.

One of our generous donors has pledged to match the first $2,500 of donations. Will you please make a donation to help us pay for the medical expenses we are incurring for Alli? No donation is too small - every penny will help!

We thank you are and are so appreciative of your ongoing support.