Lu’s Labs is happy to announce Judy. Judy is approximately 1 year old and is a yellow lab-mix beauty. Judy is on the small side, weighing only 41 pounds. Judy is a medium energy girl who enjoys leashed walks and puppy playdates. Judy is a playful dog. She enjoys running, chasing and playing with other dogs. Judy can encourage even the most loner type dogs, that having a friend is more fun! She does not live with cats in her foster home. Judy is very curious. She explores the house at her own pace and makes herself comfortable wherever. She has the cutest habit of creating a nest for herself out of blankets she steals from the couch or bed, and she prefers this for her resting place! She does sometimes chew on these blankets so she might need some special “Judy Blankets” and should be monitored with them so she doesn’t swallow any pieces. Judy tolerates her crate well and will go in with a little coaxing. She sleeps there at night and while the family is away during the day. Judy is housetrained. She is working on leash walking and other commands. Judy is food motivated, so this would be a great way to increase her knowledge of commands. Food as reward is a very successful method for training labs. Judy is an exuberant young girl who loves her people. She is friendly to everyone she meets! However, this friendliness coincides with a couple of leftover puppy habits. Judy is an enthusiastic greeter! She can jump at times in order to express her joy at someone’s arrival home. She can also be mouthy. This is a habit to dissuade with her favorite bones or chew toys. Having a soft mouth, Judy means no harm, but it can be startling if you’re not used to it. A little training will go a long way with Judy! Judy knows her name very well and responds with very expressive ears and then a wiggle that begins at the tip of her tail and goes and goes until her entire body is in full wiggle! Judy is absolutely irresistible at this point. Everyone falls victim to her cuddly, loveable charms. Judy is a sweet, sweet girl who will be a great dog for her new home. Is your home the one?


Meet Lu’s Labs Roger, an approximately 1-2 year old black lab boy. Roger is a lovely and playful boy with a goofy personality. He is a medium/high energy dog, and will benefit from several sessions of exercise each day. Roger has some scars that look to be from a minor hit by a car. The scars do not seem to bother him one bit. He is happy to be loved and cared for now that he’s a Lu’s Labs dog. When we found Roger, he was emaciated. He is currently underweight at 65 pounds and he eats his food very quickly. This could be because of his history of not knowing where his next meal is coming from. Poor baby! Don’t worry Roger, you will be spoiled and loved for the rest of your life! Roger’s family should use a slow feeder and feed him separately from other pets for right now. We need to build his confidence and show him he doesn’t need to worry about anything. Just like most young dogs, Roger’s forever family should be ready to provide daily exercise (Roger is long, lean, and fast! He'd make a great running partner) and training to teach him how to be a great pack member for the rest of his life. This should include basic manners, leash walking and taking treats gently. Roger is already crate trained and is great in the crate. His current placement has a variety of dogs and Roger has been great with all the dogs he has met. He loves to run with other playful pups. He loves squeaky balls, toys, and he is a Ladies’ man! Roger can be mouthy at times, after all, he’s still a young guy! With proper training and consistency, this behavior will likely change. If the family who adopts Roger has children, they should be ready and willing to work on this. Roger is a loving, playful and happy lab and his personality will continue to emerge as he settles into his forever home. Is your home ready for Roger to become the star of your show? Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years


Meet Judd! Judd is a 15-month-old, yellow male lab. He was born April 21, 2016. Judd is super sweet and loves people and other dogs! His owners purchased him to be a duck hunting dog, but when he was 12 weeks old, he was run over in their driveway. He had 2 surgeries on his leg but they were not successful. Since he can't hunt, his owners no longer want him. He has basically been living in an outdoor pen, ignored and lonely. But life is looking up for Judd because he's now a Lu's Lab boy! His back leg has been amputated and he will be free of pain and will find a forever loving home! Let me tell you a story about my bud, Judd Judd is a gorgeous yellow lab boy, He is silly by nature with eyes, so coy! With his bad leg removed at about 1 year of age, He is now ready to begin his life's next page. He is soft and snuggly and oh so sweet, Waiting patiently for his first meet and greet! Judd is a three legged boy, two fore, one back, Inspite of this, energy he does not lack! He is a high energy boy who just loves to play, He can always be found romping the day away. As he runs and plays with all the rest, We can't help but think, Oh Judd, you're the best! Judd loves cats and other dogs, With his toys he is not a hog! House trained, crate trained, and knows several commands, He is a cooperative boy who will exceed your demands. Still, Judd is puppy in an 83 pound frame, "Watch out Judd!" you can hear his foster mom exclaim. Future adopters will need to be aware, That Judd is an overgrown-puppy, a clumsy teddy bear! Judd will need to help to have his manners refined, But you'll be repaid tenfold because Judd is courage and loyalty combined. Judd is goofy, lovable, slobbery, and playful, Talkative, sweet, and ever so grateful. Judd, my bud, is looking for a home, Without a desire from which to roam. Judds wants a place on your couch, in your heart Are you the one from whom he won't part?