Meet Sierra! Sierra is a 1 year old, 48 pound black gal from Louisiana, and she is amazing! Sierra has so many wonderful Lab qualities in her personality: sweet, friendly, playful, affectionate, obedient, quick-learning, and loves to fetch! We could go on and on about this girl. In fact, three of her daycare providers did just that!  Due to space issues, Sierra has been in boarding while in the south. On three different days, three different care providers interacted with Sierra and other dogs. And all three filled the report sheets with glowing comments about Sierra. Two of them said they wanted to keep her! All remarked that she was very interested in both playing and cuddling. She loves belly rubs and giving kisses. She enjoys being in your lap and receiving attention. She loves to give paw and does so with abandon! Sierra meets new dogs in a friendly, excited-tail-wagging manner and is playing within minutes. Sierra loves her doggie friends and will stay close by them during play time. She knows sit, shake, heel, stay, and fetches perfectly. Sierra really enjoys plush toys. In fact – sierra just seems to enjoy everything! One provider commented, “Sierra is happy all the time”!  If you are looking to add sunshine to your life, Sierra is the girl for you. She lights up any room she enters!

12.26.17 UPDATE:  Sierra is the first foster I’ve had who my cats absolutely love. They might even adore her. This girl is pure sweetness. She is submissive, gentle and gives off an energy of pure love. My cats follow her around and rub on her!!


Have you lost your Shadow? Well, Lu's Labs has found him!
Shadow is a black, beautiful boy approximately 5 years old and 60 pounds. He has the beginning of a very distinguished white beard around his muzzle. But those eyes - soulful, dark eyes that bestow love onto all who catch his gaze!

Shadow is a cuddler. He will gladly accept any and all adorations from ear rubs to back scratches to snuggles! He has the most adorable habit of carrying his food bowl around in his mouth when it’s getting near dinner time!

The list of Shadow's wonderful attributes goes on and on. He is house trained, and he loves all-animals and humans alike. He has lived with a four-year-old and was wonderful with her. He has also lived with cats, who are his playmates. Shadow demonstrates no aggression towards them, but he will initiate a good game of chase. Shadow gets along with all dogs and loves to play chase and keep away. He can be a bit of a ladies’ man around the girls – he particularly enjoys their company! He has a foster sister with whom he loves to play with.

Shadow is medium energy and loves walks or a long game of fetch with all members of his foster family. The lab love of all things round and bouncy is strong in this black beauty He is walking well using the Easy Walk harness but could use a little formal training as he tends to zig zag. He will benefit from some basic training on the leash and can be a bit of a counter surfer – par for the lab course!

Shadow sleeps well in his crate at night, but when crated and left home alone during the day, he does put up a bit of a vocal protest. However, the past few nights he has slept out of the crate and his foster parents are slowly leaving him out of the crate when they go out during the day and he has been doing fine! So, Mr. Shadow may not need a crate after all.

Shadow has had two seizures since becoming a Lu’s Lab, and is now on anti-seizure medication. Shadow doesn’t let this get him down! He loves to run and play just like any of his doggie pals, and lives a normal life otherwise. Lu’s Labs was offered to “back -out” on Shadow after he had his first seizure at the shelter. Without hesitation, we said, “No way”! He’s a Lu’s Lab boy now and we don’t abandon our own. We know that Shadow’s forever family will feel the same way. Shadow is a loving lab who has won the hearts of his foster family. Shadow would be a lovely addition to any family. He will certainly live up to his name and follow those he adores around forever!


Meet Camper! Camper is a 9 week old sweet boy that was found missing an eye. We are having his eye closed and he will be as good as new! Camper says he only needs one eye to see his family with anyway, so no big deal!

12.20.17 UPDATE:  Someone dumped Camper near the woods by a MS Walmart and his foster mom was the lucky one to find this sweet baby.  Sometimes people don’t love the babies who are physically unappealing.  Camper's foster family wanted to keep camper,but unfortunately, are already at their dog max for their rental home so he's coming to Lu's Labs!

This baby is the best puppy ever!! He is so well behaved to be so young and is literally almost fully potty trained....very very smart and loving.  Camper is treated like royalty in his MS foster home .  As you can see from the pics, Camper is missing one eye(which makes him cuter) his human foster sister says he looks like he’s always winking.  He currently has no hair on his tail(but no biggie, it will grow back) Camper deserves the best and I know anyone who adopts him will fall in love immediately!! He doesn’t fuss when I put him in his kennel to sleep at night and he only chews his toys...he’s very calm for a puppy and loves other dogs. 


Bryant has arrived! Lu’s Labs newest black boy is approximately two years old and 90 pounds! Yes, folks, this is one big boy!  At approximately two years old, Bryant still has a lot of puppy in him. His new family should be prepared to train this big boy to display his more gentlemanly side. He still jumps upon greeting, as Bryant is determined to shower you with affection and loving hugs. Of course, this does not work well with small children or those unsteady on their feet. Bryant likes to show his love very enthusiastically! He comes on strong, and, though his size is overwhelming, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. This boy is all love.

Bryant lives nicely with cats. He is respectful of their needs. When a cat hisses enough is enough, Bryant will politely back away. He has been observed to share the couch nicely with his feline foster siblings as well.
Bryant loves all dogs and playtime can be fun! He does not mind being chased or the chase. He will easily switch into either position.
Bryant is 99% housetrained. He walks nicely on a leash with collar, except he does pull at times. Typically, he will more likely pull when a small animal runs nearby. You are familiar with the temptation that squirrels or chipmunks or other similar creature pose to Labradors? Well, Bryant is lablike in his response to those teasers! This boy does have a prey drive in that direction!

Bryant’s labby fondness for all food within reach also needs some work. His counter surfing is only helped by his size. So be prepared to wrap things up and put them away, until his courtly manners are evident. 
Bryant has recently been neutered and he is still recovering from that surgery. However, he is a moderate energy dog, requiring a couple walks a day with some run time in the backyard. He is getting better at crate training. He will enter with coaxing. He will bemoan this restriction. But, crating will be necessary in the beginning for Bryant. Using a crate will help him learn the rules of his new home. And, it will provide his owners with peace of mind!  Bryant is already an awesome boy full of adoration for those around him. He is a big kisser and snuggler. Bryant possesses a fabulous lab lean! With just a little help with manners your loving hands will guide this bog boy to the best he can be!

12.26.17 UPDATE:  Bryant enjoys play time and nap time during the winter break. He’s doing great in the crate. He’s had no accidents in the house. We are working on his jumping and basic commands. He shares toys nicely with his canine brothers. He’s a total love bug that does best with a structured routine.


Meet Sullie! Who wants to snuggle with THIS irresistible hunk of love? Recent updates on this 5 year old boy include phrases such as “most gentle dog ever”, “fuzzy cuddle buddy”, and “my cats have literally slept on him.” 

Sullie is sweet to all humans, young and old, male and female…but he especially loves the ladies. He gets along great with all dogs, cats, and even chickens, but he loves people the most because they can rub his ears and tell him how wonderful he is. He so thoroughly enjoys basking in the love, affirmations, and affections of his people that we suspect Sullie would particularly enjoy being a doted-on only child. However this is not a requirement because Sullie finds the good in all situations and in all other human and furry friends/siblings. As long as he is getting his fair share of sweet talk and companionship, this boy will be happy.  In addition to being an incurable sweetheart, Sullie is housebroken, knows how to sit and walks nicely on his leash with just a collar. He doesn’t require much activity beyond leashed walks and playing with his toys. He excels at lounging. Gifted in that department, really. Sullie would do well in any home that is looking for a relaxed companion, rather than a champion fetcher or running partner. If you need to go to work, he is happy to stay in his crate up to 7 hours. At night he can sleep in his crate, the couch, his bed, your bed. He’s easy. Sweet Sullie had a rough start in life. Worn teeth, a permanent scar by his soft mouth, and a touch of arthritis in his fluffy, golden 72 pound frame are somber remnants from the sad days he endured before he began his new life with Lu’s Labs. Now Sullie can look forward to comfortable beds, safe, joyful days and endless snuggles with his forever family.

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.


Meet Penelope! She’s a compact black beauty weighing in at only 35 pounds, although she needs to gain some weight. This one-year-old sweetheart loves EVERYONE! She is friendly to all humans and dogs and is just fine with cats. She enjoys resting her sweet head in her human’s lap so she can be petted and give puppy kisses in return. She equally enjoys playing with her doggie pals! Penelope is just a sweetheart.
Penelope still has her pup-energy, so she appreciates walks and outdoor play time several times a day. Her other hobbies include playing with her toys and going for car rides. Penelope already knows how to sit and only pulls a bit on her leash when walking with just a collar. At night she either settles down on her doggie bed or in her crate. She is crate trained and her potty training is coming along nicely. 
If you’re looking for a snuggle-buddy to keep you warm this winter and tiny nose-prints on your car windows, Penelope is your girl!

Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years.

12.14.17 UPDATE:  Penelope is a bundle of joy. She does not know the meaning of "stranger" and that goes for people and other dogs. She gets along well with everyone! She loves to run and play with the other dogs in the yard and play tug-a-war with whoever has the toy. If she sees you sitting down-she will be halfway on you and lay her head against you for some love.


The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna. Lu’s Labs’ high energy, fully house-broken beautiful black goddess of a dog is also called Luna! Just shy of being 1 year old, she is a typical frisky pup. Luna weighs in at about 40 pounds. This fun-loving girl hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t like. Luna has not had experience with the cats. She is currently being fostered with three other labs. She is the smallest of all of them and loves to be chased or to do the chasing. Luna also enjoys trips to the dog park, playing fetch, and games of tug of war. She walks nicely on a leash using just a collar. Luna enjoys bones and has an affinity for socks. She doesn’t even care if they are clean or dirty she is happy to collect them all. 
You will feel like you’ve be loved to the moon and back when you meet Luna. Luna adores her people, and all people for that matter. She has been described as, “pure joy and eager to please.” Luna loves to snuggle with you in your bed as you sleep the night away. Luna really enjoys being near her people, and is learning how to be on her own a little bit too. She sees that it’s ok to lay across the room from you, or even in another room. She has learned, with her foster’s mom’s patient guidance, that she will be fine when foster mom leaves for work all day. Luna will go into her crate with coaxing while you are away at work.Luna will sit nicely for you, but she is a young dog and is still working on other basic commands. She will do best with an active person or family due to her energy level. The moon doesn’t breathe, but this little “moon goddess” will take your breath away. Are you ready to welcome Luna into your life?

Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Meet Jerry Lee, our 7 year old, 64 pound gentleman from Louisiana! Jerry Lee’s foster mom has nothing but wonderful things to say about this fine fellow. Jerry Lee is crate trained, potty trained, obeys the commands “sit”, “come”, “stay” and “heel”, is excellent on the leash, and is an all-around fabulous boy.

Jerry Lee is friendly with all humans, dogs, and has not shown interest in the resident kitty who lives on the covered porch. He makes friends with dogs and humans alike anywhere he goes. Everyone at the vet's office is his best friend and they all comment on how handsome he is. While he really isn’t interested in playing with his doggie pals, he does love being around them and gets along superbly with all of them.  Jerry Lee loves his humans and loves to cuddle. He will follow you around in the house and just rest near you. He may vocally protest a bit when you leave the house, but will quiet down quickly. He just wants you to know he loves you and will miss you.

Jerry Lee is pretty much a couch potato. He enjoys his walks, but other than that just wants to hang out. His foster mom says he is one of the easiest fosters she has ever had! She feels he could go to any type of family but would be great for a house that likes an easy-going dog. He is not skittish at all, doesn't flinch at loud noises, and is very friendly. He loves car rides and loves to lounge outside in the yard.  Jerry Lee’s only “bad” habit seems to be counter-surfing, but we don’t blame him! He’s trying to help you from putting on that holiday weight – more food for Jerry equals less calories for you – ha!  Sweet Jerry Lee just loves to be loved and deserves every bit of it. He will make someone a fabulous friend.

12.18.17 UPDATE:  Jerry Lee is enjoying the good life in VA. He enjoys being outdoors and this morning explored the yard off leash. Despite the serious look on his face, he is a sweet, easy going and happy dog. He is good with my Lab Colby, slept in the bedroom last night, alternating between a comfy dog bed and the hardwood floor. He has been crated for meals and does not seem to mind. He follows me around and likes attention.


Meet Freya! Freya is about 6-7 months old and 30 pounds (needs to gain some weight). Freya is a doll and will be a petite gal when all grown up.

Freya is great with other dogs, loves to play and is also good with cats!  She's a sweet petite pup that has a great personality.


Meet Denai! Denai (pronounced Duh-nay)is a 3 yr old, 54 pound female chocolate beauty! She was a stray picked up on an old golf course. EVERYONE at the shelter loved her and the reached out to Lu’s Labs for help. Denai gets along with everyone, cats and dogs! She is a total doll!!!


Meet Walter!
Walter is a sweet, lovable and loving 3 yr old black lab from Texas. He is currently about 55lbs, but needs to put on another 5-10 lbs. Walter is good with everyone and everything that breathes – dogs of all sizes, cats, kids – he doesn’t even chase ducks or chickens unless he is led astray by his foster brother! Walter has a great lab lean and loves to cuddle and give kisses, but outside, he is playful and will take himself for a swim if the opportunity presents itself. Walter doesn’t mind if another dog is nearby while he eats or drinks from his bowls. “There is not a mean bone in his body” says his foster mom. Walter sits to be leashed and knows to come when called. He does pretty well on the leash, and his whole body wiggles with joy so much that it makes it difficult for his admirers to get a good picture. Walter hasn’t discovered the in’s and out’s of fetch yet, and he does show a little bit of fear at sudden movements so he will need a little time to learn to just enjoy being a family member and build trust in his new home. Foster mom says that about a week or so into his environment, his personality will begin to emerge. Just a note of caution – Walter LOVES the taste of a good dog bed if he's got nothing else to do – he has attempted to eat two of them in his crate. Foster mom has discovered that a blanket in the crate = good idea. A dog bed in the crate = big mess! A tasty stuffed kong while crated would be a great idea as well! His foster mom says even though she’s still getting to know him, he is “a good one for sure”! If a cat/dog/kid/people loving, leaning black lab is what you are looking for, Walter just might be “a good one” for you!


We are so very pleased to introduce Rufus! This blonde boy hails from Mississippi. Rufus, at approximately 2 years of age and 44 pounds, would be a loving member of any family.

This neutered boy’s owner was not able to give Rufus the attention he needed and he was turned into the shelter. Lu’s Labs is here to make sure that doesn't happen again and we will work hard to ensure his next home is his happiest and last!

Since Lu’s Labs has known Rufus, he has proved himself the perfect gentleman. Rufus has some lovely manners that will certainly attract a great many applicants. Rufus is crate trained. He prefers his crate, in fact, with the door open and full of his favorite toys. He does not jump on adults or children. Rufus does not jump on furniture. Rufus is progressing quickly with potty training as well. By all accounts, this is one smart boy.

Rufus’ gracious manners extend to walks! He walks well with a harness or a collar. Presently, Rufus is living with a cat and bird in his foster mother’s home. He ignores both. Clearly, Rufus has a low prey drive. However, we must mention, that Rufus is not a fan of rain. Going outside during wet weather may initially be a joint activity for (wo)man and her/his best friend!

Rufus has a gentle manner. He plays well by himself or with others. He needs very little exercise. Walks are enough to wear out this beautiful boy. But, he will always say yes to a short game of fetch. Rufus definitely has the “I love tennis balls” Labrador quality!

Rufus’ foster mom has taken him to dog parks, swimming, and on play dates. He plays fetch in the back yard. Rufus is an easy-going companion, willing to be a part of a family’s day in any way. Rufus is not a barker; he does not beg, and takes treats nicely. He knows basic commands, such as “sit”, “come”, “leave it”, “drop it”, and “come”.

This perfect boy is looking for a family to love him and share their home with him. By all accounts, he would be a calm, loving, affectionate addition to any group. It is so easy to fall in love with this boy; is he the perfect boy for you?



Meet Lydia! Lydia is a young two year old, 65lb gorgeous black lab who is looking for a loving family to call her own. She has the most adorable smile and she’s hoping it will convince you to throw her favorite ball. 
Lydia is a medium energy girl who loves her walks and playing hide and seek with her favorite toys and bones. She loves to chew a good bone and will spend 15 minutes gnawing away. Each new bone she comes across is her new favorite, and you know this because she does a happy dance/prance when she finds a new bone.  Like most young pups, she will benefit from some basic training to perfect her manners and learn commands, but her foster mom says she is super-duper smart – she nailed “sit” in 20 minutes and is now working on “wait”. She is very curious too, which another clue to her intelligence. Lydia needs a little incentive to go into her crate (treats work well), but she is well behaved once she is crated, and Lydia sleeps all night in the crate without a peep. Lydia has continued to work on potty training in her northern foster home and she has not had a single accident. Her foster mom has diligently kept her on a potty schedule and it is working. 

Lydia is friendly when meeting new people, and seems to enjoy everyone she meets. She does have a habit of jumping up to say hello; she can’t help it, she’s just so excited to see you! She absolutely loves her people! She can snuggle with the best of them. If you are wondering where Lydia is, look no further than straight down – she loves to be where her people are. She has a most excellent lab-lean, and will just soak up your affections.  She has become accustomed to outdoor cats and no longer reacts to them, and she is just fine with indoor cats too.  This girl has a strong spirit and like most dogs, will stand her ground if another dog gets snarky with her. She’s no drama queen, she just likes to have a little warm up time and then she is ready to play. When she is familiar with a dog friend, she enjoys a good wrestling match.  Lydia will be the loyal, affectionate friend you have been waiting for.



Meet Lucy Lou! Lucy Lou is a 1-2 yr old, 46 pound petite beauty! She is a sweet and friendly girl that gets along well with others! She is very sweet, can jump a little when she gets excited but is not harmful. It just means she wants attention and to be loved. She is walked with other dogs and gets along great with them. She’s been around some kids from teenagers to 10 years old and does really well with them. Lucy doesn’t have any food related issues. She pulls a little on leash but corrects well.  She is also good with cats.

12.12.17 UPDATE:  Lucy Lou is a petite of energy! She was in boarding for a while, so we are just now starting to really see her personality shine through. She went from boarding to a house full of people ages 10 to 87 and two resident pups ages 2 and 9. Every day is full of new experiences and she is eager to tackle them all (she doesn’t like to brag, but she figured out the stairs in on her 2nd try). She loves playing with her foster siblings and all of their toys. Her favorite pastime when she’s not chasing or being chased is chewing on a Benebone. The surest way to get her to sit still is loving on her. She will come right up on your lap and soak it all in. Her foster mom says she has the softest coat in the house (not to brag, again)! With a little coaxing she gets in her crate and sleeps though the night. She’s had a few accidents in thehouse, but considering the huge adjustment, she is fitting in just fine! More to come as we get to know this spunky little girl!


Meet Linus! Linus is 2 years old and 59 pounds of pure yellow sweetness. He is a moderate energy Southern fella who found himself on the streets after his owner passed away. Well now he’s a Lu’s Lab and doesn’t need to worry about homelessness ever again.

Linus enjoys the outdoors. He especially likes leashed walks or jogs. He pulls some when walked with just a collar, but is improving every day. Linus likes trips to the dog park. Linus gets along with all dogs, and shows a particular fondness for the female species - he'll even let the gals boss him around a little! He has no problems with male pooches, but like many dogs, he does stand his ground when they get snarky towards him. Hey - he's heard the expression "happy wife, happy life", and there is no mention of gents in there!

Linus is just as happy playing fetch with his favorite human. He gets along with everyone. He hasn’t had much experience with young children, but we have no reason to believe he’d be anything but fine for children. Now that the weather is getting colder, Linus is a perfect cuddle buddy for you. He loves to snuggle and just be petted. Linus is still learning personal space boundaries and is working on basic commands and manners.

Linus is completely housebroken and is crate trained. He goes into his crate willingly and due to his foster’s work schedule, Linus spends 7-8 hours in the crate and is just fine. Linus is slowly being left out of the crate when nobody is home for longer and longer periods of time, and is doing just fine. 
Linus is ready to meet you and be welcomed into his new fur-ever home!

Disclaimer: Please know this is a recently rescued dog that is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy levels are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his or her true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog’s evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provide by the shelter and/or veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates. So always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple years of what is listed.


Lu’s Labs is pleased to introduce Jolly and Onyx. These lovely, black ladies are approximately 5-6 years old. They are medium to low energy, and they like to keep each other company inside and out. It is very convenient to always have your playmate with you at all times. Adopting two as opposed to just one can certainly provide lots of opportunities for playing in one’s own backyard. Jolly and Onyx have curvy figures: Jolly weighing in at 99 pounds and Onyx, slightly less, at 89 pounds. Their sizes are misleading, however, as they are both very fast! Jolly and Onyx have a strong prey drive that includes (at least outdoor) cats, so it is in everyone’s best interest that they go to a cat-free home. They may not do well with other small animals either. Their prey drive is also a quality to be noted while walking the dark beauties. However, using an easy walker harness, both girls settle down nicely. They seem leash trained with the harness and know what behavior is expected of them. They know the command “sit”; obviously, they have spent time with a family before coming to Lu’s Labs. A further clue to their familiarity with home life is that they are completely house trained. They sleep in crates at night, but have not been seen chewing things that are off limits. Jolly and Onyx also are very fond of the kitchen! They are very eager to accompany their foster mom into that revered area of the home: where the treats live!!! These girls are very treat driven, and that translates to easy training! Jolly and Onyx are great with other dogs. Their foster family has two labs and everyone gets along just fine. These girls are a couple of lovey, cuddlers looking for a family to join. They are couch potatoes, requesting to have snuggles and belly rubs as soon as foster mom sits down. Their kisses are offered frequently and without reserve. They love all the adults with whom they have come into contact. It would be wonderful if these two girls were adopted into a family with no other dogs. Jolly and Onyx are two divas who deserve the limelight all their own!


Coltrane is one cool dude! He does not play the saxophone; but at 85 pounds and @6 years old, this blonde boy is a real sweetheart!
Coltrane is an all-around perfect dog. He loves people and other dogs. Coltrane sees everyone as a friend or a future friend. He is good with all people regardless of age or gender. He runs and plays with groups of dogs or is happy to entertain himself and run around on his own. Coltrane has not met cats in his foster home, but he has never been observed to act in an aggressive manner ever. 

Coltrane is medium energy and likes a walk or two during the day. He walks well using a harness. This yellow boy enjoys all manner of toys, plush, kongs, bones, and the ever-popular tennis balls! Yes, Coltrane likes to fetch!

Coltrane is the perfect dog, according to his foster mom. In addition to getting along with all human and canine pals, alike, he is housetrained and crate trained! Sometimes at night, though, he will sleep with his foster mom in the bed! Coltrane is a snuggler! He will curl up and keep you warm on chilly winter nights. Coltrane knows commands: sit, down, stay and come. The best thing about Coltrane, though, is he is a good listener. He will listen to every word you say, and offer a cuddle as reassurance that you are his favorite person in the world!  So, the question is, who does not need Coltrane in their life?



Bobby is a lucky Lu’s Lab boy ready for adoption! Bobby is a handsome Lab mix, possibly mixed with Great Pyrenees. At 7 months, Bobby is already 70 pounds! He is one large, lovable white fur-baby!  Bobby is definitely a puppy with high energy. He needs plenty of outlets for his energy throughout the day. He loves other dogs! His preference is for dogs with energy equal to his probably because Bobby knows a dog similar to himself will have the endurance to last through a long playdate!! Bobby shares toys well and will gladly assume the role of chaser or chase.
Bobby has never shown anything but love toward people, dogs, or cats - he is very good natured. He has been known to be timid in some situations. When Bobby feels threatened, he backs up. This is a concern with a regular collar, as he might slip out. A martingale collar is definitely recommended for this boy. Also, cars are frightening to Bobby. This is good information to keep in mind when walking him. 
As a rescue and puppy, Bobby does not have much experience with a leash or commands. His forever family will need to be the ones to show him how to his perfect gentlemanly manners. But, Bobby is crate trained and house trained! If he is given appropriate chew items, he will leave your personal belongings alone! These are definite pluses!
Bobby adores being adored! He is a sweet, loving boy who craves attention. Do you have room in your heart for this great, probably soon-to-be huge love bug?


Meet Casper! Poor Casper was found by a Good Samaritan a couple of weeks ago and rushed to the vet. The vet says it looks like someone may have literally set him on fire or it could be some kind of chemical burn. 💔 But don’t fear, Casper has been receiving laser therapy and is doing great! We will post updated pics soon so you can see for yourself. This boy is truly amazing ... even though he has gone through a horrific experience, he is loving, goofy, and good with all people! Casper is also great with other pups. Casper knows the meaning of making lemonade with lemons! Sweet Casper is about 2 yrs old and 41 pounds (he needs to gain weight and should be about 50 pounds).



Meet Amos and Mosley! Amos and Mosley are 4 yr old bonded brothers. Amos is a chocolate lab and Mosley is a black lab. Their daddy died last yr and their grandfather had been caring for them. He was overwhelmed and has given away the 3 females to a breeder and turned these 2 males into the shelter. They are scared of the shelter and not eating well. The chocolate one, Amos, wants to stay in the shelter managers lap and will only eat out of her hand. The black one, Mosley, wanted to stay in his kennel. 💔 We are breaking them out and getting them into a loving foster home. Welcome to Lu's Labs, boys!


Meet Lilly and Lady! Lilly (looks like she has flour splattered on her face 😍) and Lady (black female) are 8 yr old bonded sisters. Their family had to move and they have been staying with their grandfather, however he is no longer able to care for them.

The yellow lab you see is their mother, Chloe. She is 9 yrs old and is also looking for her forever home. She has her own album.

Here’s the scoop on Lilly's speckled face:

Vitiligo is a pigmentation abnormality. Although scientists aren’t sure what exactly causes vitiligo, they believe it may be hereditary.

Vitiligo occurs when something in the dog’s system impacts melanin-producing cells. Most organisms (including humans) have melanin; it’s the pigment that gives skin, fur, eyes, and other body parts their color. When melanin-producing cells are attacked, the pigment color goes away, hence the white patches on dogs with vitiligo.

Vitiligo usually shows up in young adulthood, and almost always starts on the dog’s face. During the first three to six months of its appearance, pigment loss may spread to other parts of the body. But if it doesn’t spread during those first few months, the symptoms of vitiligo will probably stay confined to the face (source).

In some cases, vitiligo causes skin lesions and an increased amount of dandruff. All of these symptom are strictly cosmetic; although it has a striking visual impact, vitiligo is completely painless.


Meet Chloe! Chloe is a sweet 9 yr old yellow female. Her family had to move and she has been staying with her grandfather, however he is no longer able to care for her.  Chloe has been living with 2 other dogs and gets along with both of them.  




Angelina is a beautiful female yellow lab lady. Angelia weighs in at 59 lbs and is approximately 18 months old. Angelina was brought in with her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, and a litter of three pups. Now that her man and her pups have moved on to forever homes, she feels it’s time for her to do the same. 
Angelina is a shy girl in new situations, and likes slow introductions to make her feel most comfortable. However, her southern foster has been working hard with her on socialization and she is already doing better. Initially, Angelina was overwhelmed with new noises and sounds and found it hard to relax with passing traffic and other loud noises. But she is now doing better with all of that – partly in thanks to the special bond she has formed with her foster fur-brother. Angelina follows his lead, and trusts him to show her how to be a proper family dog! Angelina’s forever home will include one with a doggie sibling who will not mind playing role of “big brother or sister” to Angelina. Also, she is a very playful girl with lots of energy when she is comfortable, and enjoys parallel play with her doggie pals.
Angelina is a loving soul and would do best in a quiet home with a family/ owner that doesn’t have too much hustle and bustle. Angelina loves toys and enjoys sitting with you and getting love. However, she isn’t a Velcro dog and is also content napping in her crate or on a dog bed. Angelina is also both house trained and crate trained. With slow introductions and a quiet home, this lab lady will truly shine and show her star worthy self. Could this sweet girl be the lady for you?


Meet Carla! She is Mom to the Cheers Litter.  Carla is a 2-3 yr old yellow sweet female! She’s good with kitties and doggies!  Carla is a great girl. Housebroken, lets you know when she needs out and can be left out uncrated. She has no aggression or resource guarding issues, just perfect. She is very willing to please. Knows basic commands and a very loving girl. She has been a GREAT mom to her 5 puppies and is excited for them to find their homes so she can get her girlish figure back!  :)



Meet Theo! His foster mom says this 60-pound, 11-month old wiggle butt is tall, dark and handsome! Theo is large bundle of enthusiastic puppy energy who loves everyone he meets. Theo ADORES attention and thinks he is a lapdog. When he is on the couch with you he wants to be on top of you or at least be touching you! He loves a good belly rub. He has an amazing full body wiggle when he sees you. There isn’t anyone Theo doesn’t love, and one way he will show this by jumping up when greeting you. Families with young kids need to be aware that he has long legs and loves to jump. He probably would steal snacks if they were at his level as well. The thing is, Theo is still very much a puppy and has had no formal training. He has never had a loving owner take the time to work with him. He will need patient owners who understand that Theo will make amazing progress with training in basic commands, leash skills, and manners like greeting people with 4 paws on the ground. Theo is housebroken and does well in the crate. He will go into his crate with a little coaxing. He sleeps in the crate and is crated when his foster mom leaves the house. She allows him free reign when she is home. He hasn’t chewed anything yet, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. However, he is easy to keep occupied with frozen kongs and other chew treats. Theo really loves other dogs. Theo is medium energy (for a puppy) and he gets along great with all other dogs and would benefit from plenty of doggie playdates, dogpark visits, or doggie daycare on a frequent basis. This will have the threefold benefit of keeping Theo happy, expending excess energy and allowing him to learn appropriate rules of doggie interaction. He does have the unseemly habit of being a little too “excitedly affectionate” with female dogs. More assertive females tell him to back off and he listens, but he needs to be reined in around submissive females. Theo has not been around cats. Theo will be the missing piece to his forever family’s puzzle. He is a devoted, boisterous, happy dog full of joy and love!


Meet Leo! Leo is an adorable 1 year old, 60 pound black male lab who came to Lu’s Labs with his two brothers. These three boys came from a breeder and were being trained for odor detection. They were easily distracted so they were surrendered to the local shelter. The only human interaction Leo had received was while he was being trained and the only life he had known was being a working dog. He will need time to acclimate to being an inside family dog. However, he loves and craves human attention and interaction. He will follow your every step as you go through your day. Leo is very smart and his foster mom believes he will adjust quickly. He is a master of fetch and absolutely loves water.
Leo is a high energy boy and gets along well with other dogs. Cats are unknown. Leo loves all manner of play and every kind of toy. He does know the commands, sit, leave it, and drop it, but will require some training of on his behavior of jumping. Leo has the habit of jumping up on people in his excitement to greet them. Families with younger children who are unsteady on their feet, or frightened by this behavior would not be a good match for Leo. Of course, he will be trained and this behavior will be eliminated! Leo will need help with potty-training, leash walking and crate training. 
Leo’s energy, his intelligence and his desire for human interaction all make him a great boy to work with and train! He will make some person or family very happy for many years to come! This Leo may not be king of the jungle, but he would love to be the prince in your heart and home!


Meet Duke! This handsome and loveable senior lab had been living in a shelter in Monroe, LA for his entire life – eight whole years. Amazingly, black dogs are often overlooked in shelters and people walked by this treasure again and again. And what a treasure this 8 year old, 50 pound boy is. He takes treats gently, walks well on a leash, is crate trained (chooses to spend time in his open crate throughout the day, and sleeps in it all night without a peep), gets along with cats, dogs, people, and is sweet, sweet, sweet. 
One of the adorable things Duke does is that he LOVES to stop several times during a walk to roll in the grass. If you aren’t in the mood to stop and “smell the roses … er, grass” he will eventually get up, but you may get the stink eye in protest! Duke is quiet overall, but is starting to show a lot of personality. He is happy and excited to see his foster mom when she comes home each afternoon and will bounce up and down a bit before going out to potty.
Duke is a low energy boy with occasional bouts of medium energy! A few short walks a day and he will be good. Every once in a while he gets the zoomies... that is a lap full force around the fence area one time or two then he is back to leisurely napping. He likes water for a quick flop in the splash pool, but then he is done. He likes to play with the other dogs in 5-minute intervals or so. When he is done, it’s straight back to his bed. He is indifferent with cats and does not pay attention to the a they roam around.
It takes Duke 5 -10 minutes of sniffing and watching new people before he decides to be friends ... he doesn't growl or hide, he just observes them. Once he knows they are "good people" he is fine and ready to make a new friend, and once you are on Duke’s friend list, you stay there.
There are lots of advantages to senior dogs. They are over the challenging “puppy phase” and equally challenging “teenage years”, they are wise, and they are oh-so-appreciative of those who will allow them to become family members. Can you imagine a more appreciative dog than one who has literally NEVER known life outside of a cold, hard shelter floor?? If a little gray on the muzzle brings warmth and joy to your soul, check out Duke and see if you are the hero he has been waiting for all these long years!



The Cheers Litter are Carla’s puppies.  There are 2 males and 3 females... 4 Black, 1 yellow (Sam- male). They were born around September 1st and will be available for adoption after 8 weeks. Tentative arrival/adoption dates 11/4 or 11/18. Diane- Black, female, Rebecca- Black, female, Lilith- Black, female, Norm- Black, male and Sam- Yellow, male.


Meet Piper! This breathtaking beauty wins Miss Congeniality! She’s a 45 lb package of pure love and charm and is friendly to ALL! Big kids, little kids, strangers, dogs, cats – Piper’s an instant BFF! She enjoys wrestling or parallel play with other dogs depending on their energy levels and she is a snuggle-bunny with her people.
Piper is 2-3 years old and has a medium energy level. She loves to play outside, whether it’s “fetch” with people or “cat and mouse” with her doggie buddies. She willingly goes to her crate for the night or for a few hours when her fosters aren’t home, then does a joyful zoomie-about-the-roomie when she’s let out. She is also happy to sleep in a family member’s bed if that’s an option, but when she’s alone she needs her crate time. 
Wait, there’s more! Piper is a smart cookie, too! She already knows the basic commands “sit” and “come.” She’s housebroken and only pulls a bit on her leash when wearing a regular collar. Piper loves going for walks, and thoroughly enjoy enjoys car rides too!


Meet Gracie! This little country girl had a rough start in life (cue the Johnny Cash music.) She was raised in an outdoor pen with other dogs. When her owner needed to move into a nursing home, all of the dogs were set loose to fend for themselves. A southern rescue set up a live trap and they were able to round up Gracie. They observed that she had the physical signs of having delivered a litter recently. This loving mama was able to lead her rescuers to her two-week-old pups who were living under an abandoned house.
Gracie weighs in at a dainty 45 pounds and is approximately 1.5 years old. She is friendly with strangers and gets along well with other dogs. She loves her foster fur-siblings and she is indifferent around cats.
Gracie had an old injury and from the look of the x-rays, it was probably causing her some pain. Sadly. her leg could not be saved. However, she has had her surgery and is doing very well! She is getting around well after the amputation since she was used to using 3 legs some anyway. Her foster mom provided a ramp that she uses with ease, and this has helped Gracie get quite accustomed to the comforts of indoor living and these cozy things called sofas! She is being pampered and is a good dog patient. She loves her peanut butter pills and lounging on the sofa
This low to medium-energy girl is housebroken, and doesn’t chew items around the house. is starting to gain confidence walking on a leash without pulling, wearing just a regular collar.  
Despite all she’s been through, her foster says she has a very gentle nature, is easy-going, quick to adapt, and unshakable around loud noises. She also loves to be petted! Fortunately, she is young and her happiest years are yet to come!


Meet Duke! Duke is a handsome 1 year old, 60 pound black male lab who came to Lu’s Labs with his two brothers. These three boys came from a breeder and were being trained for odor detection. They were easily distracted so they were surrendered to the local shelter. The only human interaction Duke had received was while he was being trained and the only life he had known was being a working dog. He will need time to acclimate to being an inside family dog. However, he loves and craves human attention and interaction. He will follow your every step as you go through your day. Duke is very smart and his foster mom believes he will adjust quickly. He is a master of fetch and absolutely loves water.
Duke is a high energy boy and gets along well with other dogs. Cats are unknown. Duke loves all manner of play and every kind of toy. He does know the commands, sit, leave it, and drop it, but will require a lot of work on his behavior of jumping. This boy has major jumping skills and will jump 5 feet straight up in the air for a ball! He will also jump lovingly and exuberantly on his person when she comes in the door! Duke can also be mouthy. Duke is sweet, sweet, sweet, but because of the mouthiness and the jumping he is looking for a family who, if they have kids, has dog- savvy children who will not be upset by the behaviors until Duke is properly trained. Duke will need help with potty-training and crate training. 
Duke’s energy, his intelligence and his desire for human interaction all make him a great boy to work with and train! He will make some person or family very happy for many years to come! This Duke may not rule over any provinces, but he would love to hold a high-ranking spot in your heart and home!


Meet Buzzy! Buzzy is approximately 4 months old and looking for his forever home. Apply today or reach out to your adoption coordinator. Buzzy's tentative arrival will be late October. 

FOSTER UPDATE 11.8.17:  Buzzy is a friendly 5 month old pup who loves adults, kids and other pups. He sometimes is tentative when he first meets a pup and might let out a bark but in a minute he's ready to play and has loved every dog he's met. He has met tons of dogs in the neighborhood and has-had multiple playdates which he loves. He went to doggie daycare one day and had a blast. He came to me on Sunday and didn't like the crate but now goes in at night and only barks for about 5 minutes. Buzzy loves walks and adores riding in the car. Buzzy barks sometimes when he see or hears something new or scary. Buzzy sits nicely for treats and waits his turn for meals. Buzzy is smart and is working on potty training and marking but still needs some work in this area. Lastly, Buzzy snores!


Meet Dennis! Who ordered the chocolate love muffin? This sweet boy is approximately 7 years old and weighs 66 lbs. He loves all people, young and old, and is friendly with other dogs. Dennis has not met any kitties during his stay with Lu's Labs. He is house-trained, already knows the basic commands “sit” and “down,” and pulls just a bit when walking on a leash. Dennis sleeps in his bed, but willingly goes in his crate. The crate training is an asset for Dennis, and may be needed when he is left alone due to his current habit of raiding tha garbage. Of course, there are other ways to control this, and hopefully when Dennis realizes meals are a-plenty, he'll stop this altogether. He is a medium energy fellow who enjoys walks, off-leash outdoor time and playing with his toys. Best of all, Dennis loves to cuddle, so turn down the winter heat because Dennis can keep you warm.


Bella Rose is a gorgeous, kind, loving, female yellow beauty. Bella Rose is approximately 48 lbs and 2 years old. Bella Rose hails from the great state of Louisiana but she is excited to cross the Mason-Dixon line to find her forever home. Bella Rose is a gentle gal who is submissive in her play style and enjoys the company of other dogs. As she is still a young and attractive lady, she does prefer a slow approach with young energetic males. She likes to be wined and dined first! Bella is crate trained, house trained, and knows basic commands such as sit and come. While Bella can be playful, this medium energy girl also loves to snuggle on the couch with her humans and thoroughly enjoys the company of her human family. Bella also loves children and is indifferent about cats. If left out in the house when no one is home, it is recommended that she be provided with ample toys and bones (which she loves) because without those distractions, shoes are her preference. And I mean, what girl doesn’t love shoes! But, she knows she needs to work on her shopping habits. Overall, Bella is an amazingly sweet gal who would make a great dog for any family. If you are looking for a gentle yellow lady with the cutest little underbite, then this southern belle may be just the gal for you.



Lu’s Labs is bringing this sweet and relaxed 5 year old, 50 pound black beauty up from Texas searching for a forever home to finally live the life she deserves, the life of Riley! Riley is looking for a carefree, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable way of life. 

The words of her Southern Foster mom say it all: “Really, I just can’t say enough good things about this girl! It’s just kind of HARD TO DESCRIBE PERFECTION! Riley is the most laid-back dog I've ever met. She’s just so sweet and laid back and happy in any circumstance she is in. I’ve often thought of her as a retired person’s constant companion and best friend, especially if they are home a lot, but she’s also perfect for a family with kids or other dogs because she’s SO calm and just fits right in. She’s also perfect for the person who is not confident about training because she’s SO obedient, smart, and eager to please!!! She takes a while to truly warm up to a new person and show affection. But once she trusts you, she just wants love. Just a genuinely nice, well-mannered, laid-back, happy girl. This girl is a DREAM!!” 

Riley is a low to moderate energy girl. She is starting to enjoy some running around doggie playtime as she comes out of her shell. But in general Riley would be happy with a moderate walk per day (she's not entering any 5k fun races or looking to lose any weight; just a nice gentle walk will do), and lots of leisure time to spend outdoors, sunbathing, catching scents on gentle breezes, and watching nature go by. Riley is potty trained and comes right back in when she’s done, crates well and does not chew on things that are not hers. She gets along with dogs and people of all ages, and doesn’t seem phased by loud noises or boisterous children. In her northern foster home she has just begun playing with her foster fur-sister and playing with toys after a week. She also learned to “shake paw”! Riley does have a "strong interest in cats" so we are looking for a home with no kitties for her. Riley is as sweet as they come and is looking forward to being an excellent forever family companion.


Meet Charlie’s Angels! This adorable Litter is about 4 months old... 1 boy (Charlie) and 3 girls (Jill, Kelly and Sabrina)!


Meet Cook! Cook is a sweet 1 year old, 60 pound black male lab who came to Lu’s Labs with his two brothers. These three boys came from a breeder and were being trained for odor detection. They were easily distracted so they were surrendered to the local shelter. The only human interaction Cook had received was while he was being trained and the only life he had known was being a working dog. He will need time to acclimate to being an inside family dog. However, he loves and craves human attention and interaction. He will follow your every step as you go through your day. Cook is very smart and his foster mom believes he will adjust quickly. He is a master of fetch and absolutely loves water.
Cook is a high energy boy and gets along well with other dogs. Cats are unknown. Cook loves all manner of play and every kind of toy. He does know the commands drop it and come but will require some training on his behaviors of jumping and mouthing. Cook has the habit of jumping up on people in his excitement to greet them. Cook is an obedient boy but because of the mouthiness and the jumping he is looking for a family who, if they have kids, has dog- savvy children who will not be upset by the behaviors until Cook is properly trained. Cook will need help with potty-training and crate training. 
Cook’s energy, his intelligence and his desire for human interaction all make him a great boy to work with and train! He will make some person or family very happy for many years to come! This Cook may not be making your dinners, but he would love to share mealtime and love with you for the rest of your life!


Meet Coco Sue! This 2 - 3 year old chocolate female is a beauty! Coco is friendly, playful, appears house-trained, sits on command, does well with both male and female dogs, and would make a wonderful family pet. She's medium energy, and not jumpy. Coco will chase the ball, and sometimes bring it back to you! Her eyes are stunning - almond colored - and she is so eager to please. She was so happy to get out in the yard to play and run off some energy, Coco Sue would make a loyal companion for anyone!



Bentley is not just synonymous with luxury cars it is also synonymous with a wonderful, happy and ready-to-please 3 year old male from Louisiana. Bentley is the perfect weight of 63 pounds and is outgoing, gentle and a complete sweetheart. He is good with ALL people, regardless of age or gender. With coaxing, this even-tempered boy goes into the crate and is house trained. He sleeps in his crate each night. He adapts well to new situations and would not mind having a fellow 4 legged friend (cat or dog) to have as a buddy as he likes to play and chase other dogs. Bentley is a professional at sharing toys with other dogs and loves a good wrestling match with his fellow foster siblings. Since he has been in a foster home and away from a shelter he has become less and less protective of his food since he now realizes there is plenty of food to go around. Having recently coming out a shelter, he does need some work on basic commands, leash manners (he can pull at times) and a breaking of his small counter surfing habit. If you have room for a collection of tennis balls, interactive toys, tug toys, Kongs and bones of all shapes and sizes as well as time to throw the ball or play a good round of tug of war Bentley may be the perfect addition to your home, and a bit less expensive than sports car! 


Meet Brody. Hubba Hubba – may be the first words that come to mind when you see this huge, handsome yellow lab named Brody. He is about 2-3 years old, between 90-95 lbs and he thinks he is a lap dog ? Brody is a moderately active boy who gets along great with people and dogs. We do not yet know how he is with cats. 
Brody loves every person he meets. He enjoys cuddles and kisses and will even fall asleep with a huge smile across his face mid-snuggle with his human (check out his pictures on the Lu’s Labs page). Brody is great with kids too, though he has not yet met any really little ones. His foster says he is kind and gentle. 
He is happy to entertain himself while she has some down time and will either play with his toys – he even throws his squeaky hedgehog toy to himself! – or he will settle down next to her on the couch for a cuddle. He knows the commands “sit” and “come” and is working on leash manners and perfecting his housebroken status. Brody tolerates the crate, but he may let you know vocally, that it’s not his preference. He responds well to verbal corrections when he makes mistakes. 
Brody especially loves active play with other dogs. He shares toys nicely and loves to wrestle and chase with his canine friends. He really likes playdates with his doggie pals. For now, he sometimes gets overwhelmed initially when meeting large groups of new friends (who wouldn’t?), so just be sure to make polite introductions before the first visit to a crowded dog park. Once properly introduced, he plays well with other dogs of all ages and sizes. This behavior may very possibly change as he gets used to his new home, and gains confidence and security. 
Brody’s foster says he’s just about perfect. Ask your adoption coordinator about Brody and see if he might be the perfect dog for you! 


Welcome Spencer! Spencer is a medium energy, approximately 2.5-3 year old, yellow pocket lab, weighing in at just under 50 pounds. Spencer is still settling into family life and has made tons of progress. Despite seeming like indoor life was new to him, he became potty trained very quickly and learned that counter surfing was a no-no almost immediately. This boy is a quick study! He is a super sweet and loving boy. He is on the submissive side, and loves to give tons of kisses. Certain things can still make him a bit leery, such as sudden pats on the head (especially those from men), in which case he will duck and move away. It takes him just a little time to understand that his old life is a distant memory, and once he realizes you have kind intentions, he is your buddy. In general, he is a fun, happy dog! Spencer has not been destructive in his foster home either. He has the cutest habit of moving random items around the house – you’ll find your belongings in all sorts of places other than where you left them! But he does not chew them. Spencer is curious about cats and would like to get up close to them, but has not had the chance at his foster home. Spencer does fine in his crate. Spencer understands “come”, and is working on other basic commands which will need to be continued in his forever home. In particular, he can be mouthy when playing, so his foster family is working on that. He is still a young guy after all. And it doesn’t seem like anyone worked with him on the finer details of manner prior to this. He is working on leash skills, as he does pull a bit. But speaking of smart, he will look at the door and then look at you to signal that he’d love to be taken out for his walk! Spencer does well with other dogs, sharing his toys nicely and enjoying parallel play more than other types of play. He is great at entertaining himself and will throw, shake, and play with his toys all by himself! Spencer has been good with children 10 and up, but hasn't met any younger kiddos yet. If you are looking for a playful, spunky, and super sweet lab, Spencer may be the right fit for your family!


Meet Moe! Moe is a 3-4 yr old, male black lab mix. He was hanging out at a bank for days... would not leave... with a ratty, old, too small collar on. A Good Samaritan took him in and tried for weeks to unsuccessfully find his owner. Moe is SWEET, kind and plain old happy! He's good with kids, cats, dogs and goats! Moe is going to make some family super lucky! 


Meet Dumbo! Dumbo was found by a Good Samaritan and they have been unable to find his family. He is about 6-8 yrs old and a GREAT boy! His finder affectionately named him Dumbo because "By no means is he dumb, that's not how he got his name. Let's just say that if the rest of him wasn't so big he could use those ears of his to fly away." ???? Dumbo is great with people, dogs and cats! He loves to retrieve and the water! Here is what is southern finder/foster said: 

"He has great qualities that anyone would be proud to have in a dog. He is still in tact so I was a bit hesitant to bring him inside as he was emptying his bladder on everything outside. What I did find out when I brought him inside is that he is in fact house trained and the biggest gentleman while inside. I have a dog and 2 cats inside and he gets along great with them as well. The cats, he prefers to pretend they aren't there and that if he doesn't look directly at them, they will disappear but it's fair game to sniff all over them as long as they aren't looking. He hasn't been put in the position yet but I believe he would be one of those dogs you see on funny videos when the cat is at the end of the steps and the dog won't come down them in fear of the cat. lol. No issues with him and my dog, my dog is male as well. I also have a horse outside that he's been around that he has no problems with. He is a bit on the lazy side but if you encourage him enough, he will give you 5 minutes of playtime! He loves water and swimming. He loves going for rides in the truck too. Not sure on age but he does have some white hairs around his mouth. I had to put my lab down at 16 so don't let the possibility of him being older stop you from giving him a loving home! He still has many years of life in him!" 


Lu’s Labs is happy to announce Judy. Judy is approximately 1 year old and is a yellow lab-mix beauty. Judy is on the small side, weighing only 41 pounds. Judy is a medium energy girl who enjoys leashed walks and puppy playdates. Judy is a playful dog. She enjoys running, chasing and playing with other dogs. Judy can encourage even the most loner type dogs, that having a friend is more fun! She does not live with cats in her foster home. Judy is very curious. She explores the house at her own pace and makes herself comfortable wherever. She has the cutest habit of creating a nest for herself out of blankets she steals from the couch or bed, and she prefers this for her resting place! She does sometimes chew on these blankets so she might need some special “Judy Blankets” and should be monitored with them so she doesn’t swallow any pieces. Judy tolerates her crate well and will go in with a little coaxing. She sleeps there at night and while the family is away during the day. Judy is housetrained. She is working on leash walking and other commands. Judy is food motivated, so this would be a great way to increase her knowledge of commands. Food as reward is a very successful method for training labs. Judy is an exuberant young girl who loves her people. She is friendly to everyone she meets! However, this friendliness coincides with a couple of leftover puppy habits. Judy is an enthusiastic greeter! She can jump at times in order to express her joy at someone’s arrival home. She can also be mouthy. This is a habit to dissuade with her favorite bones or chew toys. Having a soft mouth, Judy means no harm, but it can be startling if you’re not used to it. A little training will go a long way with Judy! Judy knows her name very well and responds with very expressive ears and then a wiggle that begins at the tip of her tail and goes and goes until her entire body is in full wiggle! Judy is absolutely irresistible at this point. Everyone falls victim to her cuddly, loveable charms. Judy is a sweet, sweet girl who will be a great dog for her new home. Is your home the one?


Meet Lu’s Labs Roger, an approximately 1-2 year old black lab boy. Roger is a lovely and playful boy with a goofy personality. He is a medium/high energy dog, and will benefit from several sessions of exercise each day. Roger has some scars that look to be from a minor hit by a car. The scars do not seem to bother him one bit. He is happy to be loved and cared for now that he’s a Lu’s Labs dog. When we found Roger, he was emaciated. He is currently underweight at 65 pounds and he eats his food very quickly. This could be because of his history of not knowing where his next meal is coming from. Poor baby! Don’t worry Roger, you will be spoiled and loved for the rest of your life! Roger’s family should use a slow feeder and feed him separately from other pets for right now. We need to build his confidence and show him he doesn’t need to worry about anything. Just like most young dogs, Roger’s forever family should be ready to provide daily exercise (Roger is long, lean, and fast! He'd make a great running partner) and training to teach him how to be a great pack member for the rest of his life. This should include basic manners, leash walking and taking treats gently. Roger is already crate trained and is great in the crate. His current placement has a variety of dogs and Roger has been great with all the dogs he has met. He loves to run with other playful pups. He loves squeaky balls, toys, and he is a Ladies’ man! Roger can be mouthy at times, after all, he’s still a young guy! With proper training and consistency, this behavior will likely change. If the family who adopts Roger has children, they should be ready and willing to work on this. Roger is a loving, playful and happy lab and his personality will continue to emerge as he settles into his forever home. Is your home ready for Roger to become the star of your show? Please be aware that this is a recently rescued dog who is still transitioning into a new home environment. Training, and even personality and energy level are constantly evolving as the dog starts to feel better emotionally and physically. Your new dog will take days or even weeks to fully settle into his true self. What you read in this bio is a snapshot of this dog's evolving personality. Additionally, the age listed is an estimate provided by the shelter or a veterinarian. Different vets can provide different age estimates, so always consider the lab you are adopting to be within an age range of a couple of years


Meet Judd! Judd is a 15-month-old, yellow male lab. He was born April 21, 2016. Judd is super sweet and loves people and other dogs! His owners purchased him to be a duck hunting dog, but when he was 12 weeks old, he was run over in their driveway. He had 2 surgeries on his leg but they were not successful. Since he can't hunt, his owners no longer want him. He has basically been living in an outdoor pen, ignored and lonely. But life is looking up for Judd because he's now a Lu's Lab boy! His back leg has been amputated and he will be free of pain and will find a forever loving home! Let me tell you a story about my bud, Judd Judd is a gorgeous yellow lab boy, He is silly by nature with eyes, so coy! With his bad leg removed at about 1 year of age, He is now ready to begin his life's next page. He is soft and snuggly and oh so sweet, Waiting patiently for his first meet and greet! Judd is a three legged boy, two fore, one back, Inspite of this, energy he does not lack! He is a high energy boy who just loves to play, He can always be found romping the day away. As he runs and plays with all the rest, We can't help but think, Oh Judd, you're the best! Judd loves cats and other dogs, With his toys he is not a hog! House trained, crate trained, and knows several commands, He is a cooperative boy who will exceed your demands. Still, Judd is puppy in an 83 pound frame, "Watch out Judd!" you can hear his foster mom exclaim. Future adopters will need to be aware, That Judd is an overgrown-puppy, a clumsy teddy bear! Judd will need to help to have his manners refined, But you'll be repaid tenfold because Judd is courage and loyalty combined. Judd is goofy, lovable, slobbery, and playful, Talkative, sweet, and ever so grateful. Judd, my bud, is looking for a home, Without a desire from which to roam. Judds wants a place on your couch, in your heart Are you the one from whom he won't part?