8 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog

Photo By  Mr. Nixter

Photo By Mr. Nixter

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people, they are a pact you can make with your pets too. Lack of exercise, excessive eating, and other bad habits are not just people problems they can be pet problems too. What better way to start out 2018 then to bring your pet along on a journey toward a healthier happier new year.

#1 Get out and walk!

Yes it’s that easy, you and your dog can get out and walk and get more fitness into your day. If you’re usually taking your dog out 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minute walks, think about bumping it up to 20-30 minute walks a couple of times a day along with shorter walks. 

#2 Mix Up the Activities

Just like your workout routine may get stale and boring when you do the same thing day in and day out, it may be the same for your pup. Consider activities you will both enjoy from hiking solo with your dog, to group dog activities in dog parks, doggy day cares, or meet ups. Play fetch, throw a frisbee, or take your dog for a kayaking trip. Bonding with your baby dog can be fun and healthy for both of you.

#3 Portion Control

This isn’t just for people. Measure your dog’s food, and make sure you know what is recommended on the bag. And adjust your dog’s exercise accordingly. Remember if you are going to add in lots of treats you may need to adjust the amount of food at breakfast and dinner.

#4 Watch What They Eat

Different age and energy level dogs may have different nutritional requirements. Make sure you are providing the right dog food that is age appropriate for your furbaby. And if supplements are needed for bones and joints as a dog ages, make sure you are taking this into consideration and getting them the supplements they need to stay healthy and strong.

#5 Regular Check Ups

This is important for people, and it’s no less important for our dog friends. Make sure you are getting your dog in regularly for their vet checks and wellness appointments. This will help stay ahead of diseases, and make sure your dog maintains a healthy weight. This is a great time to talk with the vet about any behavioral issues, and make sure their shots are up to date.

#6 Dental Health

Your dog only has one set of teeth. From dental chews, to daily brushing with dog friendly tooth paste, you can keep your pet healthy and keep their plaque and tarter from becoming a problem.

#7 Make Sure Records and ID’s are Up to Date

It never hurts to make sure your vet has all the current information on your pet.  If you’ve hopped from vet to vet, or use multiple vets, make sure they are communicating with one another and all your records are up to date. At the same time make sure your Pet ID is current, microchip is registered to your current address. People move. Phone numbers change. It’s important that if your pet gets lost, all your information is current and accessible.

#8 Socialize

We all like to be social creatures, your dogs are no different! At least they shouldn’t be. A happy healthy pet is one that is well socialized. Take the time to do group training classes, head to the dog park for group activities, or even consider fostering in order to give your pup a chance to socialize in their home.