Happy Halloween From the Entire Lu's Labs Community!

Lu’s Labs is not just a place to adopt a dog. It’s also an entire community of Alumni and dog lovers, volunteers, and board members who care immensely about the dogs that have been adopted.

At Lu’s Labs we even have a private alumni page once you’ve adopted a dog through us. It is a wonderful place where new dog owners can get advice from our VP of Training, our VP of medical, or just keep in touch with their Adoption Coordinators of Fosters. Foster families always love seeing their previous foster dogs enjoying their best life.

This is a place where the whole Lu’s Labs community comes together and gets to see pictures of other litter mates, share their trials and tribulations as well as successes as new and seasoned pet parents.

Often times because of the inclusiveness of our community and our common love of the dogs, its only a matter of time before our adopters also get involved as volunteers - a foster, an adoption coordinator, a home checker, a bio team writer… the possibilities are endless in order to get involved and give back to an organization who has brought that warm fluff ball into your home and your life and it changes you forever.

Recently when calling for pictures of a dog in a costume, the overwhelming response was a reminder of just how amazing the Lu’s Labs community is, and just how quickly they will pull together. In less than 24 hours we had an amazing album of dogs in costumes! So in honor of today, one of the few dog in costume day’s of the year, here is a wonderful album provided by our Lu’s Labs Alumni.

Remember, with all the chocolate that abounds on a night like tonight, make sure to keep it all away from you furry friends.