From Puerto Rican Stray to Foster Princess: A Day in the Life of Iris


There is no doubt that a day in the life of Iris has changed dramatically since she came into rescue. She started out on the streets of Puerto Rico. We can’t know if she had a family, lived in doors during her life, or had the love of people. But now she’s making up for lost time.

This gentle senior is about 9 years-old and has some snowy touches in her beard and frosting on her paws. Age is always a guess in rescue, but she has the gentle being of an older soul. She loves her people and will make you feel like you have hung the moon.  Given the chance, Iris will follow you around, but because she doesn’t get up on furniture it’s not too much. She’s not great with stairs, so a ranch home with no steps, and rugs and runners will be her ideal home. She has the lab lean down, and will lean into you for affection, and put her head in your lap. She is so chill, she will just gaze into your eyes lovingly putting a spell on you to pet her.


She doesn’t let anything bother her. In an active foster home full of 5 dogs and 2 cats she sits back and observes, she doesn’t play, but she watches and wags.  When other dogs lay near her, she doesn’t move away, she just has a Zen dog air about her. When cats get too close, she nudges them with her nose, and they fall right over. It’s a very gentle relationship.

Iris LOVES food. She has a very happy tap dance, where she stomps here feet and bounces like a puppy with her feet about 6 inches off the ground. She loves the sound of a treat bag and her true spirit comes out. She takes treats gently and will sit for treats.

She doesn’t need a lot of play time or outdoor time though she loves her short walks and is a dream on a leash. Nothing phases her. She is beyond her squirrel chasing days. Easy should be Iris’s middle name. You could actually stroll with a full cup of coffee with this girl and never worry about spilling it. Sniffing the air, wagging her tail, and strolling along at a slow pace is her thing. After about 5-10 minutes she’s lagging behind foster mom, so long walks are probably out.

This gentle soul never chews on anything and doesn’t need a crate. She doesn’t play with toys, but she has a funny habit, when foster mom is out. Iris only does this when no one is around. She will take the throw pillows off the couch. There’s no sign of chewing or slobbering. We aren’t sure if she’s laying on them, or if it’s a commentary on the colors and patterns. Maybe she has a little Martha Stewart in her, and she’s telling foster mom to redecorate.  

This girl does love her car rides. If she has access, she will go into the garage and sit by the car until you come out and put her in for a ride. She loves calmly watching the world pass by. When she’s had enough, she will lay down and go to sleep. It’s funny how adamant she is about her car rides. Her focus is intense, and you can’t call her back from the garage when she’s ready for her car ride. This works out perfectly for short errands.  She strolls around PetSmart and Home Depot with her leash wrapped around the cart. Just like her quick walks she enjoys quick errands that won’t take all day and tire her out.

A day in the life of Iris is a mellow loving experience. She will be perfect for anyone looking for that home body dog who wants to go for car rides, and short strolls and just love you and be loved. The sun will rise and set around you in her eyes, especially if you have crinkly treat bags nearby. Her tail will wag when she hears you coming, and her eyes will tell you all about her love for you. This beauty is still looking for a home. Could that be your home?