Sammie the Sweetheart is Ready for Her Forever Home


Sammie is now ready for adoption and needs that super special family that is not only ready to get one of the sweetest kinds of chocolate ever but is also looking to be a rescue angel.


Sometimes very special dogs go on medical hold and cannot be adopted until we figure out and learn what their needs are. This was the case with Sammie the sweetheart! When she first came into rescue this girl was very over weight. Last month, we discovered five-year-old Sammie has diabetes and arthritis. This is a very manageable situation in dogs, just like it is in people, and should not stop Sammie, the gentlest and kindest soul, from finding a forever family of her own.  

This beautiful girl is the perfect companion and has been so good while we have worked on stabilizing her glucose level. She is currently eating prescription food, takes insulin twice a day and takes rimadyl for her arthritis. She is a champ and stands perfectly still for her injections, she really is a gem.

Unfortunately, due to the diabetes, Sammie has lost her vision as of this past Friday; the vet thinks she can see extreme light and dark. The good news is once her diabetes is stable, Lu’s Labs will pay for surgery to remove the cataracts and her vision will be restored. Families who are considering her should know Sammie’s immediate future will consist of vet visits every week or two until the diabetes is stable, which means her glucose is at a manageable level. Then, the visits will be less frequent. Her family should expect to test her glucose level at home and monitor it as you would with a human.


Personality-wise, Sammie continues to be a doll. She follows her foster mom everywhere; she’s a little slower since losing her vision, but we all walk cautiously when blindfolded. She follows her foster dog brother and her favorite cat around the house and listens to where they are going. Sometimes, they go in opposite directions, so she has to choose which one she wants to follow. Watching her decide is the cutest thing! She listens when foster brother is chewing on a bone and the moment he stops chewing, she moves in and take it from him and tests it out. She keeps foster mom company while she is cooking dinner and sits at her feet while she eats. She has free reign of the house during the day with all the dogs and cats and doesn’t need to be crated.

The vet says she can be adopted anytime as long as the family is committed to her care. If you would like to care for and love this perfect girl, she is going to love you right back ten-fold. Not only are you getting an amazing family pet, you are truly being the rescue angel we try to find for all of our dogs.

An estimated Care Cost for Ms. Sammie to include prescription food, insulin, and medicine to help her arthritis is about $290 - $325 per month when you use for food, and Walmart or Costco for prescriptions. This price may change if her diet or medicine needs to be adjusted or if you purchase from more expensive options.