A Day in the Life of Donner the Dog! - Let Him Tell You His Story


Guest Blog Post by Amy Piccolo - Amy is an amazing volunteer with Lu’s Labs she helps out with a variety of aspects of the rescue from the bio writing and promotions team to the fundraising team. She also has adopted and loved Lu’s Labs who are integral members of her family.

Hi! My name is Donner, and Lu’s Labs (to whom I am eternally grateful for bringing me to this comfy foster home) has asked me to tell you what a typical day looks like for me. That’s a small price to pay for the forever family they’ve promised is looking for me.


They say it’s hard to describe yourself, but I don’t know about that. My foster mom keeps telling me all sorts of great things about myself. She says I am a WONDERFUL boy! She said she is shocked that I haven’t been snatched up already. That’s ok; I am patient because I know good things come to those who wait. I learned that from my foster mom. She makes me sit and wait for treats, and I have totally mastered the art of patience. I can even watch my foster fur-siblings get their treats first without fussing, because I know my turn is coming. And Foster mom also taught me that I am supposed to take treats softly. Apparently doggie teeth can hurt. I would never, ever want to hurt anyone. I was just so hungry when I arrived! I am good now though; foster mom keeps me well fed. 

Anyways, my day starts when my foster mom wakes up. I used to be an earlier riser, but foster mom quickly taught me to sleep until she is ready to get up. I am rewarded by a nice walk, on which I get my “business” done. Then I get a delicious breakfast. After that FM has to go to work, so I go into my crate. I didn’t really like it at first. I was lonely. But FM moved my crate near a window and closer to my foster siblings and now I am happy as a clam. It’s great to pass the hours away watching the world go by and seeing what my foster sisters get into while FM is away! At lunch time FM comes home, I get a potty break, and I get to hang out while FM has lunch. I am a good boy and do not beg. Then I finish my crate time until dinner. I understand why I have to be in the crate for now. You see, I haven’t lived in a home for all that long. And these awesome homes have all this yummy food that they just leave out on the counters! Bread! How can a guy resist? Maybe I will one day, but not today! When foster mom comes home after work, I am so happy. First, because I really missed her, and second because I get another walk! The joy!

I do love my foster mom so very much. I really, really, really want a person to call my own. My foster mom says I am “velcro”. I am not sure what she means by that, but I get the feeling it has something to do with wanting to be near her all the time. I looooove it when she pets me. Oh, how I love it! No one has ever petted me like that before, so softly. And she gets that itchy spot behind my ear. My foster mom is the sweetest because she lets me sleep in her bed with her. It is so comfortable! I love to snuggle up really close to her. I make sure I don’t move around a lot or make any noises that would disturb her. I don’t want anything to ruin this amazing privilege! I know that when you’ve got good thing going, you don’t do anything to mess it up. However, I am also happy sleeping next to her bed on the floor.

On the weekends we hang around the house or go out and get into fun adventures.  Sometimes I get to meet new people and new dogs! I can’t always be sure in the first minute that each new person I am meeting is a good person.  A former street-dog has to be wary! I have heard that some dogs growl or snarl when they are unsure. Oh, I don’t do that! I might bark to let my FM know there is a stranger in our house or yard, and I like to get some sniffs in to sniff out possible danger. After all, I love my Foster mom and sisters and I want them to be safe! I have no intentions of causing hurt to anyone though. I’ve seen hurt, and I want no parts of it. Sometimes big male dogs make me feel defensive. Trust me, I don’t want any fights! I just need to know they’re ok before I let my guard down. I overheard my FM telling someone at Lu’s Labs that she thinks I’d be ok with laid-back large males with time and patience. I guess she’s right, I probably would be. I’m just not sure I’m ready to play with the exuberant ones yet. Now females are another story, haha! I enjoy a great game of tug with my foster sister and we run all over the house together. I am also great at chasing and bringing back a ball. Ahem, I AM a Labrador RETRIEVER after all! It’s great fun! A couple of decent walks and some playtime make me a happy boy each day. I’m not one of those wild ones that can never seem to get enough, although I have met that type!

As for my manners, FM just said I have to work on jumping up around the little people. I’m not exactly sure what she means? Surely, I’m no bigger than a cat. I feel about 30 pounds to myself. No? Am I bigger? I have no idea! A couple short years ago I was just a pup, and sometimes I still feel like a pup!


Everyone at Lu’s Labs wonders why no families have asked about me yet. I do not have the answer. I would adopt me! Foster Mom is at her resident dog limit or she would adopt me! After all, remember she called me a “wonderful dog”.  I truly just want to make my humans happy. I will do anything for a reward which foster mom says makes me a breeze to train. My biggest wish in life is to have a family or person that I can call MINE. One that will call me THEIRS. I adore my people and when I am near them, I can feel my entire body wiggling. It can’t be stopped! I am just filled with so much joy to be near them! My happiest moments are when they are looking at me, petting me and calling me their “good boy”.  It’s a simple life I’m after. I’ve been around the block and I know what is out there. I know there are unhappy places. But I’ve put all that behind me and am only looking forward! Forward to my very own forever belly rubs, snuggles, and love. In return I promise to be your Best Boy.

That’s about it, I guess. If you know anyone that you think might love a guy like me forever, can you put in a good word for me? It sure would be awesome to have a forever home by Christmas. In the meantime, I’ll just be hanging here with FM. She’s the best, but I do think it is time to get settled in my forever home.

Love and Licks,