Is Your Heart Large Enough for a Doghouse Fire Puppy?


Dog house Fire Puppies (aka St. Patrick's Day Litter)

We are all drawn to Lu’s Labs Labrador Retriever Rescue for many reasons. Some of us want to adopt Labradors, some of us want to facilitate the rescue of Labradors, and some of us look to Lu’s Labs to care for and find homes for dogs we can no longer provide for.

The sad story we want to share today illustrates all those different kinds of Labrador love. On December 14, a litter of 7 puppies was born in Louisiana. Mom is a pure bred black girl, who days before her spay appointment, was visited by an AKC registered golden retriever, Duke, who could not resist the temptation of Misty. The kids in this family begged and pleaded and won the approval of their parents to keep the puppies. Kids and puppies, right? They were made for each other!

The puppies came, were weaned, and received their shots and regular veterinary care. On January 31, tragedy struck. The heat lamp in the doghouse caused a fire. The fire was discovered quickly, and all the puppies were saved. Although the owners sustained severe injuries and were rushed to the ER.

The puppies have scars, understandably. But, they have all been lovingly cared for with regular penicillin shots, special baths, and creams administered daily to their skin. Their family showered love on them to help them heal, through and through. And, Lu’s Labs has added daily laser treatments to their regular care in an effort to reduce the scarring and increase the healing.

Despite this tragedy, these puppies have thrived. The love showered on them by their first family and the careful care that was administered to their wounds have allowed these puppies to be the best they can be. These puppies like all young puppies are playful, curious, and love to have things in their soft mouths. They are scarred. But their labbiness has conquered all and shown though as they healed from this awful, awful calamity.

Overwhelmed and understandably exhausted by this responsibility, this family turned to Lu’s Labs to find homes that will continue to show these very special puppies the care and comfort they deserve.

So, we come to the third type of person drawn to Lu’s Labs. You, dear adopter. You are the answer to all our prayers. The prayers of these puppies, especially. These puppies who literally survived fire and are now with Lu’s Labs. These puppies, now 4 months old, healed after their misfortune, need you, dear adopter. They need you to continue to love them and cherish them. These puppies are very special. They survived tremendous odds to become a member of your family. There is no question that these puppies will give love freely and unconditionally, as labs do. But also, as survivors of a horror few of us can imagine.

Is your heart large enough for a Doghouse Fire Puppy? Please fill out an application on our website and let us know that you are specifically interested in the Doghouse Fire Pups! We have 3 girls and 3 boys available!