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Kids Helping Canines - 4th Annual Fundraiser


Guest Blog Post by Lu’s Lab Volunteer: Debbi Kane

Dina Hart and her family have been fostering for Lu’s Labs since 2015.  During that time she has graciously opened her home to countless puppies and dogs. You know all those happy puppy pictures of families with their new pups? Many of those come from Dina’s house!

Her children have had the pleasure of “wake up duty” by the puppies and dogs fostered by Dina led by Dina’s yellow lab, Lucky.  Their other dog, Buster, isn’t into wake up duty!

Dina’s children and their friends take an active role in fostering, and are always willing to lend a hand. The kids have been instrumental in creating and running a yearly local fundraising events in Arlington, VA. Kids Helping Canines.  Her two sons along with their friends have setup the activities including baking dog treats, a doggie kissing booth, games for neighborhood kids and face painting. 

This year marks their 4th annual fundraiser in the Hart’s Arlington, VA neighborhood with proceeds benefiting Lu’s Labs.

This Saturday March 30 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., stop by to enjoy the activities and meet up with other Lu’s Labs Alumni.  Come meet the Hart family along with their friends and neighbors.

Celebrating the Holidays: Our Adopters Create Loving Homes for Our Pups

On our Alumni group we get to see all the wonderful homes and love our adopters give to their Lu’s Labs. We have amazing people who have adopted our rescues and made them members of their family. It is always so much fun during the holiday season to see so much love for our pups.

Here are just a few of the many heartwarming pictures we get to see of the new lives our rescue efforts have provided for these special dogs. To all of our current and future adopters we love you for what you do for the Labs we rescue, and we look forward to many more lives saved in 2019. As part of the Lu’s Labs family all our adopters are welcome to join our private alumni group and share pictures with us. All the volunteers love to see new new lives these dogs get to experience thanks to everyone’s hard work and caring.

5 Things You Should do Before You Board Your Pet


Many pet parents prefer pet sitters or trusted friends and family to watch their extended family member during holiday travel vs. boarding them. But in some instances, pet owners just don’t have a choice. The holidays can be a chaotic time of the year where people are over committed, and pet sitters may fill up quickly. If you find yourself in a position where boarding is your only option, or if boarding is your preferred option, it’s still good to make sure your pet is ready for this experience.


1.  Find a Reputable Boarding Option – Word of mouth is one of your best bets on finding a great match for boarding for your dog. It’s always best to get first-hand accounts of how someone else’s dog did at a particular boarding facility. Not only friends and family, but your Veterinarian, groomer, or dog walker may have great recommendations as well. These are people you already trust with your dog, so it stands to reason they may be able to give you reliable recommendations for boarding.  


2. Check it Out! - Once you have a boarding recommendation, check online for other pet owner experiences, and book an on-site visit. It’s good to talk with the facility. Find out what their daily routine is with your dog. Is it going to be a lot of play time during the day? What are their surroundings like? What kind of day can your dog expect? Boarding facilities can have anything from crates and kennel runs, to doggy day care like surroundings, some boarding facilities even have private rooms with beds and TVs! Make sure to find the one that will most put your dog at ease while you are away.


3. Make Sure All Vaccines are Up to Date – Before you drop your beloved family member off at a boarding facility, doggy day care, or anywhere your dog may come in contact with multiple dogs, make sure their vaccines are up to date. Also make sure they have had their flea and tick treatment and any other recommended vaccines for the protection of your canine friend. Recommendations include DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. Some facilities require Canine Influenza vaccines and Lepto. Make sure to find out the requirements from the facility you choose, and also the recommendations from your Vet.


4. Book Early – Whether it’s a long weekend or a holiday like Christmas or New Years, reputable facilities fill up quickly! You may need to book many weeks to months in advance. Depending on the size of the operation and its popularity.  Make sure you are thinking ahead during the holidays.


5. Pack Accordingly – Make sure you have your dog’s food, medicine and supplements, identification, and anything special. You know your dog better than anyone else, if there is a special item that will put him or her at ease while in boarding ask the facility if they can accommodate. Is it a favorite dog bed, a special toy, perhaps a blanky? It’s a fine balance between losing this special item and making sure your dog is happy while you are away. Weigh the pros and cons, check in with the boarding place and see if you can send those special things along with your dog.

It’s not always easy to leave your pets for the holidays, but sometimes vacationing with your pet just isn’t an option. It’s always good as a pet owner to have several options and contingencies in the event you go on travel.

Happy Halloween From the Entire Lu's Labs Community!

Lu’s Labs is not just a place to adopt a dog. It’s also an entire community of Alumni and dog lovers, volunteers, and board members who care immensely about the dogs that have been adopted.

At Lu’s Labs we even have a private alumni page once you’ve adopted a dog through us. It is a wonderful place where new dog owners can get advice from our VP of Training, our VP of medical, or just keep in touch with their Adoption Coordinators of Fosters. Foster families always love seeing their previous foster dogs enjoying their best life.

This is a place where the whole Lu’s Labs community comes together and gets to see pictures of other litter mates, share their trials and tribulations as well as successes as new and seasoned pet parents.

Often times because of the inclusiveness of our community and our common love of the dogs, its only a matter of time before our adopters also get involved as volunteers - a foster, an adoption coordinator, a home checker, a bio team writer… the possibilities are endless in order to get involved and give back to an organization who has brought that warm fluff ball into your home and your life and it changes you forever.

Recently when calling for pictures of a dog in a costume, the overwhelming response was a reminder of just how amazing the Lu’s Labs community is, and just how quickly they will pull together. In less than 24 hours we had an amazing album of dogs in costumes! So in honor of today, one of the few dog in costume day’s of the year, here is a wonderful album provided by our Lu’s Labs Alumni.

Remember, with all the chocolate that abounds on a night like tonight, make sure to keep it all away from you furry friends.

5 Fall Fun Ideas with Fido!


Summer time often means beach days, hikes, and outdoor play, as the weather starts to change beaches may be exchanged for other activities you can enjoy with your dog friends.

1)    Enjoy the Fall Colors - As the air begins to cool this may be a perfect time to go for longer walks in the woods where heat exhaustion is less of a risk and you and your furry friend can enjoy the fall foliage and the changing of the seasons. Sniff the air for that tell-tale wood smoke and listen to the leaves crackle crisply under foot. It’s almost like heading off into the woods for a fall meditation with your dogs. Make sure to continue flea, tick and heartworm treatment as these pests are still around. Just because the air is chilling out, doesn’t mean the common pests that plague your dogs are.

2)    Go for a Weekend Getaway – Take some time to enjoy a weekend away with your furry friend. Fall is often lower season for many pet friendly resorts so look at taking advantage of off-season prices. Find something that you and the whole family can enjoy – even your furry family members.

3)    Enjoy the Great Outdoors – This is the time to romp and play, especially on clear days. As the leaves fall and you rake up piles play fetch or head off to a nearby dog park and enjoy some fetch. Always make sure your dog is up to date on all the needed vaccines.  This will keep your fur pal safe during dog on dog interactions in public play areas.


4)    Halloween Festivities – Check out the area for dog friendly fall festivals and Halloween parties, and find some fun attire for your dog. Giant spider? Ballerina? Fan dog of any sports team? Lion? Get creative and turn heads as you head out on the town with your costumed pal.

5)    Snuggle Time by the Fire – If it’s cold enough get a fire going – inside or out. Roast your marshmallows, drink your hot cocoa and snuggle up by the fire pit, or under the covers on the couch with your dog. Turn on your season premiers, and scratch behind the ears because if it’s something you enjoy, your 4-legged best friend will enjoy it too!

Seasons change, and so do the activities you enjoy, so why not include your dog in those. Their ultimate goal is just to be around their favorite humans.


Tales From An Adoption Coordinator


It’s really important that you understand we are all volunteers. We do this because these dogs have a piece of our hearts. All of them. Every time a dog is listed on the Facebook page, or the website, a little piece of us says, “I want that dog!” But you know if you were to follow through with that, then you would be considered a dog-hoarder, and someone would come and take you away.

So that’s why you help other people get their dog “fix”. In fact, some have referred to us as sales people, dog pushers, and also dog angels, on any given day. Our priority is to find the best home for the dog. At Lu’s Labs it’s all about the dogs. But of course, there is the human element. If it’s the best home for the dog, it automatically must mean it’s the best dog for the home, the family, and the new life everyone will experience.

This means we need to get to know you. It means we may ask very personal questions. We want to know what your intention is with our dogs. At times it may seem harder to adopt a dog than it might be to adopt a child. And you know what? We are okay with that. At times it may mean we turn off a very qualified adopter. But you know what? That’s okay. If you take our questions too personally and defensively you really don’t understand what we are here to do for the dogs.

We know you are really excited and want a dog and you want it NOW! Many, many of us were once like you! We were on the other side of the adoption emails dealing with our own Adoption Coordinators, and we were thinking…but that dog on the website, I want THAT one!  And it’s sometimes hard for us to tell you that patience is a virtue, especially in this fast-paced world of instant gratification we live in.

But the truth is, we get far more qualified adopters -- wonderful people who want to adopt through us -- then we have the funding and the fosters to pull dogs. So, it may take time. But every adopter who has waited a while will tell you it was more than worth it. We AC’s are pretty good at helping you find your heart dog. The dog that will just melt your heart every time you look at his or her antics and that beautiful face and say, “where have you been all my life.”

We are here in your corner, but we are also here for the dogs. That is the binding factor that brings us all together after all. Rescuing dogs. As volunteers, as owners, we all want to see these fur babies have the best homes possible.  It’s well worth the wait!



Great Gift Shopping Ideas for Your Dogs


Okay, so there are only 5 shopping days left until Christmas (Do you think your dogs will really know the difference if their presents are late?) but if you love to spoil your dog, as we all do here at Lu’s Labs, here are some fun last-minute holiday shopping ideas you may think about so your dogs have gifts to open too.

Amazon Smile: Remember when you use our link to Amazon Smile anything you purchase will help contribute to our rescue. Just search Dog Gifts for Big Dogs – Some of the fun things you can find there will still ship out in time for the holidays! Whether it's fun doggy Christmas stockings or boxes of toys, we’ve already preloaded the search in our link. Make sure you set up your donations to go to Lu’s Labs! This is a great go to place for all things dog. Again, you can use our link and shop and they will donate to us with every great thing you get for your dog! Chewy's customer service is top notch and it's easy to set up a monthly shipment for food, supplies, toys and fun! With Chewy you get discounts with your monthly autoship and can move around the dates, manually ship now, push it out, and add to it! The Chewy system is very flexible. And you get free 1-2 shipping when your order is over $49.

Petsmart: I’m sure you are no stranger to Petsmart, but did you know any online purchase you make through our link will also help the rescue? The great thing is you can save 5% on your orders when you order online and pick up in store. Right now for the holidays they have fun $5, $10, and $20 quick gift grabs to fill your puppy's stocking!

All of these have a wide variety of toys, collars, treats, and more to keep your dog friends entertained during the holidays. Each of these links are set up to help give back donations to our organization! It’s a gift in itself when you shop through our links and help support Lu’s Labs. This holiday season shop for some great gifts for your pups and enjoy your holidays!