“This little girl loved animals, big and small."

— Luisa, President of Lu's Labs


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Luisa.  This little girl loved animals, big and small. She loved animals so much that whenever she saw an animal in need she would bring them home.  Luisa didn’t like to discriminate between species.  She didn’t care if it was a dog, a cat, a chicken or a monkey- yes, a monkey.  She saved the monkey from a pet store in her town… it was living in a very small cage and was horribly unhappy.  She convinced her father to save the monkey and after spending several years caring for Ziara and then after reading about animal sanctuaries, she was able to locate a sanctuary for Ziara.  But I digress…

Through all of this her love of animals grew, encouraged by her father and mother (even though there was a finger wagging incident where her mother told her “No more animals!”) she proclaimed that she didn’t want children, just animals… and LOTS of them.

Luisa’s first Labrador Retriever was Petey.  Petey was the love of Luisa’s life, commonly referred to as her heart dog.  When Petey was taken away from her way too soon by the evil C, in her pain she looked for an outlet.  She needed to do something; she needed a way to grieve.  She happened across an animal rescue site, and jumped in with both feet.  

Her first dog transport over-night turned into a week-long emergency foster and she was so hooked she never looked back.   After several years of being involved in every aspect of animal rescue… from transporting to fostering, adoption and foster coordinating, joining a rescue to understand the ins and outs, and then to independent rescue, she finally decided to take a huge leap of faith and begin her own animal rescue.  Lu’s Labs was born in February 2015 and this endeavor is the culmination of her lifelong dream.  Lu’s Labs likes to focus on dogs in the South that are in high-kill shelters, but we will pull from anywhere we see a need.  Contact us today to see how you can help or get involved.