Luisa Paucchi- Founder and President

Luisa has been saving homeless animals since she was just a little girl, but her love for Labradors began in 1999 when she welcomed Petey into her home and heart. 

Luisa volunteered at a large lab rescue as an adoption coordinator and foster. She knew that she wanted to establish her own rescue where she could focus on saving all of the unwanted labradors in the south. In order to acquire the experience needed, Luisa moved to a smaller rescue where she was able to learn all aspects of rescue.  Luisa has also volunteered as a transport coordinator, organizing multi-volunteer driver transports to bring shelter dogs north to rescues. 


Sam and Seymour.jpg

Samantha Rapoza- Vice President Of Fosters

Samantha has always loved animals and was fortunate to grow up with at least one dog and one cat since she can remember.  Today, she has two cats and a Lu’s Labs alumni, Seymour (FKA Drake).  Together, they are an amazing pack that is the perfect fit for her.  She joined Lu’s Labs in early 2016 as a foster parent while she went through the application process and waited for the perfect match to adopt.  

Each of her foster dogs holds a special place in her heart.  In this new role, Sam is looking forward to working with all of the foster parents and supporting them as they open their homes and their hearts to the dogs of Lu’s Labs.  



JEN HEISHMAN- Vice President of Adoption Coordinators

Jen's mission is to save dogs in need. She has always had a passion for animals. Growing up, she was blessed to have always dogs and a cat. Jen started as an adoption coordinator with Lu’s Labs In December 2015. Lu’s Labs is a wonderful organization with wonderful volunteers who have just as much passion, or more, as I do to saving the lives of Labs in need. Since 2010, we have fostered over 20 dogs. Three “foster failures” later, we have had to put our fostering days on hold.  She often say that Lu’s Labs runs like an well oiled machine! She states often she is grateful for the relentless efforts by all Lu’s Labs volunteers. 

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Krissy Wheaton, Vice President of Finance

I’ve never met a dog that I didn’t like!  So, when my lifelong friend, Lu, asked me to help handle the finances for her rescue, I couldn’t possibly say no. Although I have never owned a Lab or even a large dog, I’ve had several Pomeranians that have been rescued from puppy mills.  I can honestly say that there is no love more pure than the love of an animal that has been given a second chance at life.  I am proud beyond words to be part of an organization that runs so smoothly on teamwork, dedication and a pure love of dogs!


Victoria Barnes, Vice President of Fundraising

Pets have been a part of my life since I was a small child, and I have never been able to say no to a stray or homeless animal.  While raising my three children, we had all sorts of animals show up in our home - dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and even an iguana!  While I love all animals, dogs have always held a special place in my heart and I can’t imagine my life without a dog.  I am a strong believer in “adopt, don’t shop”, and was so thrilled when Luisa started Lu’s Labs.    Because of my passion for rescue and 25+ years of marketing and sales experience, fundraising for the Lu’s Labs family just seemed like a natural fit for me.   We currently share our home with a rescue pug named Otis – a small dog that thinks like a lab!


Linda deam- VP of Education and Training

Linda has been a dog lover all her life and a Lab lover since her family adopted their first Lab in 1987.  Over the years she went on to raise 9 puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and then fostered 23 Labs for local rescue groups.  Presently she and her husband share their home with two Labs, Greta, an 11 year old released guide dog puppy and Sally, a foster that they recently adopted.  Linda is honored to be a part of the Lu’s Labs team. She looks forward to sharing her love and enthusiasm for fostering by encouraging and supporting those who step forward to open their homes to the wonderful dogs who are lucky enough to come to Lu’s Labs.


Janis Block- Medical Director

Andrea Colburn- Director of Foster Training (Northern Region)

Samme Drake- Social Media Director

Jean Gunderson- Petfinder Administrator

Myra Grzeskiewicz- Home Check Director

Cassi Kaiser- Merchandise Coordinator

Debbi Kane- Director of Volunteers

Alice Magby- Database Administrator

Donna McClaugherty- Director of Adoption Coordinator Training & Puppy Coordinator

Jennifer McKinley- Director of Foster Training (Southern Region)

Director of Mississippi Intake and Fosters- Nicole Nuccio

Nicole Orchant- Merchandise Coordinator

Post Adoption Coordinator- Shari Sattig


ALSO we have an EXTENSIVE list of Adoption Coordinators, Fosters, Home Checkers and Transporters that is too long to list but just as IMPORTANT as everyone listed here!